PA Salute To Seniors: Mike Brown - Great Valley

PA Salute To Seniors: Mike Brown - Great Valley

What was your most memorable race/competition?

- My most rememberable race was winning the Penn Relays suburban Ches-Mont 4x400 meter relay. It was my first time running in the Penn Relays so I was really nervous and was shaking. But managed to get us in a good spot as the lead off leg and won. Relay consisted of myself, Demetrius McCary, Max Burgess, and Ned Willig.  

Where did you face your biggest competition?

- My biggest competition was actually my teammate Max Burgess who I have been running with since middle school. He is a junior and he pushed me to run faster and train harder. 

Out of all of your high school accomplishments, which stands out the most?

- Breaking the school record in the 4x200 meter relay at the Great Valley relays. That relay consisted of Max Burgess, Myself, Reggie Williams, and Kevin Lock.

If you could do it all over again, what would you change about your athletic career in high school?

- I believe that my athletic career is good as it is. I wouldn't want to change a thing. 

What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?

- The most difficult obstacle which I'm still facing now is actually saying goodbye to my coaches and teammates as I go off to college.

What will you miss the most?

- I will miss team the most. They helped me get through a lot. Whenever I am having a bad day I can count on them to be there for me and cheer me up. They also tend to cheer really loud when I'm running which helps me push myself to go faster. We all have become really close friends and college just won't be the same without them. If any of my teammates are reading this just know that I love you all. Thank you.

Do you have any advice for younger athletes?
- Practice hard and you will notice how much faster you get. Work out and make sure you have a great relationship with your coaches and teammates.

How have your coaches influenced your performances and your life goals overall?
- My coaches are the biggest impacts on my performances and life goals. They pushed me to work hard physically and academically which helped me with college. The workouts were painful and were annoying. But at the end I every workout I would just think of how much it would help me in my next meet.

What are your college plans?  
- I will be attending and running track for California University of PA. I will be majoring in business marketing/ management.


Shout out goes to my amazing team. You guys and girls are going to have an amazing season next year and you will always have my support. Also a shoutout to Ned Willig who didn't get many chances to run this year due to injuries, so I wish him luck next year running for Brown.


My name is Mike "flash" Brown. I go to Great Valley High School


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