Movers And Shakers In The Boys 800

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The outdoor season may be young, and until recently, the weather has not exactly cooperated, but that hasn't stopped boys 800 meter runners from showing one big improvements from their best times all of last season.

We examined the times of the boys ranked inside the top 100 in the state in the 800 meters this season with their best times from last year to see how much time they've dropped in less than a year.

Current PA#1 Collin Ebling has already dipped under his best from last season. Others likes Jack Baker and Ethan Zeh (above) are in the midst of breakthrough years and have shown some great improvement since last year already. Of course, we are yet to see the outdoor season debut of Josh Hoey, who broke the national high school indoor record in the 800 meters by running 1:47.67 in the winter (his outdoor best is 1:49.37 from last spring).

In total, we found that 55 of the top 100 boys have already improved on their outdoor best from last season, and it's only mid-April. Plenty of time remains in the season, but we've learned one thing early on: the boys' 800 is going to be very fast this season.

Check out how the top boys improved in the half mile since last year in the chart below.

Names in bold with (-) under difference have shown improvement in 2018 since their best time during the 2017 outdoor season. This list only includes boys who registered performances in the outdoor season in both 2017 and 2018.

RANKNAME2018 Best2017 BestDifference
1Collin Ebling1:55.031:55.22-0.19
2Kamil Jihad1:55.151:53.092.06
3Jack Baker1:56.431:59.66-3.23
4Ethan Zeh1:56.512:03.48-6.97
5Hudson Delisle1:56.881:52.014.87
6David Endres1:57.081:57.97-0.89
7Aidan Sauer1:57.501:55.222.28
8Talus Gaymore1:57.892:03.14-5.25
9Jake Claricurzio1:57.951:53.834.12
10Connor Shields1:58.132:00.07-1.94
11Jarnail Dhillon1:58.261:56.102.16
12Jed Scratchard1:58.342:05.18-6.84
13Lamaj Curry1:58.481:58.89-0.41
14Collin Ochs1:58.562:00.67-2.11
15Steven Schankweiler1:58.582:00.28-1.7
16Griffin Sites1:58.591:57.800.79
17Sam Morgan1:58.602:00.30-1.7
18Milan Sharma1:58.791:59.24-0.45
19Luke Fehrman1:58.831:59.19-0.36
20Alex Morales1:58.931:58.400.53
21Michael Clark1:59.011:56.232.78
22Matt Busche1:59.121:54.924.2
23Aiden Tomov1:59.372:06.95-7.58
24Burton Carbino1:59.412:03.62-4.21
25David Kramer1:59.612:00.67-1.06
26Nick Gabrielli1:59.671:55.394.28
27Erik McCallion1:59.871:58.641.23
28Caleb Schultz1:59.931:58.101.83
29Dylan Binda1:59.971:58.861.11
30Jacob Martinez2:00.082:04.48-4.4
31Benjamin Reisenweaver2:00.421:59.690.73
32Doug Kostelonsky2:00.442:03.96-3.52
33Marc Motter2:00.441:57.283.16
34Myles Hoven2:00.462:03.66-3.2
35Brett Zatlin2:00.471:57.722.75
36Silas Mays2:00.631:57.742.89
37Connor Hurst2:00.782:01.21-0.43
38Jared Fenessy2:01.102:05.11-4.01
39Zachary Smith2:01.102:04.00-2.9
40Joshua Lewin2:01.142:05.52-4.38
41Josh Coleman2:01.611:57.763.85
42Christopher Kocent2:01.812:02.98-1.17
43Kevin Haas2:02.002:09.50-7.5
44Blake Samsel2:02.001:58.893.11
45Addison Magyar2:02.062:06.60-4.54
46Charlie Herrmann2:02.072:03.51-1.44
47Luke Turkovich2:02.072:05.72-3.65
48Luke Eissler2:02.162:03.38-1.22
49Tyler Bailey2:02.232:01.041.19
50Matt Taylor2:02.252:01.950.3
51Aiden Brewer2:02.282:03.08-0.8
52John Thom (JT) Clark2:02.372:03.25-0.88
53Jonah Powell2:02.422:00.431.99
54Ethan Knoebel2:02.462:00.961.5
55Wesley Trower2:02.462:07.26-4.8
56Owen Shields2:02.592:06.33-3.74
57Frank Brown2:02.752:02.190.56
58Spencer Smucker2:02.762:01.401.36
59Kevin Ehrgott2:02.792:05.69-2.9
60Owen Moelter2:02.872:14.23-11.36
61Andrew Brown2:02.982:05.10-2.12
62Billy Angelina2:03.002:02.010.99
63Chris Hess2:03.142:05.02-1.88
64Brad Clemson2:03.322:00.882.44
65Andrew Sullivan2:03.332:03.300.03
66Jack Miller2:03.332:12.89-9.56
67Jacob Hnath2:03.432:09.15-5.72
68Nate Everhart2:03.441:57.236.21
69Cameron Mitchell2:03.561:57.785.78
70Josh Endy2:03.602:02.001.6
71Ben Bunch2:03.642:04.91-1.27
72Kylan Willis2:03.642:08.44-4.8
73Sean Brennan2:03.652:06.53-2.88
74Chimezie Amaefuna2:03.672:04.02-0.35
75Payton Sewell2:03.672:06.45-2.78
76Jack Balick2:03.842:00.443.4
77Jacob Ringer2:03.901:58.695.21
78Collin Wilson2:03.922:02.251.67
79Seth Hoffritz2:03.972:09.79-5.82
80Isaac Davis2:04.032:07.48-3.45
81Matt Muthler2:04.052:16.48-12.43
82Tyler Adams2:04.121:59.684.44
83Jason Konado2:04.162:04.52-0.36
84Saabir Yasin-Spann2:04.302:06.70-2.4
85William Marina2:04.402:05.58-1.18
86Dominic Derafelo2:04.542:01.453.09
87Tyler Daley2:04.632:03.581.05
88Luke Myers2:04.701:59.904.8
89Simon Keen2:04.892:06.43-1.54
90Alex Fillman2:04.952:03.801.15
91Isaac Valderrabano2:04.972:04.860.11
92Riley Williamson2:05.001:59.385.62
93Trey Hill2:05.002:04.020.98
94Sam Morgan2:05.052:11.94-6.89
95Joe Kohler2:05.102:01.573.53
96Bryce Miles2:05.152:06.36-1.21
97Chayce Macknair2:05.162:03.701.46
98Alex Patton2:05.172:19.87-14.7
99Thomas Matsumura2:05.202:00.234.97
100Kobe Charney2:05.272:08.80-3.53