Robert J. Burdette Indoor Classic 2017

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    tturner14 Edited
    This site has North Penn Girls as the meet record holder in the 4x800, which is clearly incorrect. Penn Wood Girls broke the meet record TWO consecutive years. On 12/28/15, Penn Wood Girls broke a six-year-old meet record by 9 seconds running 9:44.80. The following year on 12/26/16 Penn Wood Girls broke their own meet record by 6 seconds running 9:38.43 beating North Penn, who ran 9:41.10. However, this site has North Penn as the record holder. Penn Wood Girls, an all black team, made history two consecutive years and it is unfair to show a blatant disrespect for their huge accomplishments. Please correct this site to list Penn Wood Girls as the true recorder holder in the 4x800. It is the right thing to do and the team worked extremely hard to break these records. To add insult to injury, the site did not even post their record-breaking race. Thank you (a concerned parent).