Montgomery Memorial Meet

May 03, 2012 @ William Tennent HS in Warminster, PA

Hosted by William Tennent     Timing/Results: The Timing Team    

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2012 Meet Info

We are cordially inviting you to bring your team to this year's annual Montgomery Memorial Meet honoring Ken Montgomery, former physical education teacher and track coach at William Tennent. It should be a great night for District qualifiers! Please set aside Thursday, May 3, 2012, for this year's invitational. The cost is $100.00 per squad ($200.00 if you bring both a boys and a girls team), and we will ask you to help by supplying one coach or parent who can help officiate, though we do hope to again have enough volunteers so we do not have to use coaches.

Again this year you may register 2 athletes for each of the individual events and one team for each relay. For your information, in each of the throws and the two vertical jumps athletes will get 3 attempts. We are planning to provide awards for the top six in each event, there will be a special trophy for the winning boys and girls 4 x 400 meter relay teams, and we will continue to run the Throwers 4 x 100 meter relay. We have kept to last year's order of throwing events in order to have the shot put later in the meet since the circle is closer to the stadium now. Please, plan to use 1/8" spikes only on the track and the jumping/vaulting runways and areas.
So we know how many new teams to let in, please e-mail by March 6 Theodore Abel,, also for the password to enter the meet.
We will have refreshments available, and we will also have commemorative t-shirts for sale that night.
Ted Abel, Charlie Kistner, Ken Killion, Bill Hontz, and Chick Donnelly - Meet Managers


3:30 -- Coaches Meeting in the center of the infield

Order of Competition Pre-Assigned. Sign in at the Event.
Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, and Javelin -- 3 attempts

3:30 - -- Boys Pole Vault, to be followed by Girls Pole Vault 15 minutes after the Boys event
-- Girls Discus, to be followed by Javelin and Shot Put in order
-- Boys Javelin, to be followed by Discus and Shot Put (after the girls finish) in order
-- Boys High Jump, to be followed by Girls High Jump 15 minutes after the Boys event

-- Girls Long Jump
then -- Boys Long Jump after Girls Long Jump
-- Girls Triple Jump immediately after Boys Long Jump
-- Boys Triple Jump after Girls Triple Jump


4:00 -- Girls 300 m Hurdles
Boys 300 m Hurdles
Girls 3200 m Relay
Boys 3200 m Relay
Girls 100 m Dash
Boys 100 m Dash
Girls 1600 m Run
Boys 1600 m Run
Girls 400 m Dash
Boys 400 m Dash
Girls 400 m Relay
Boys 400 m Relay
Girls 100 m Hurdles
Boys 110 m Hurdles
Girls 800 m Run
Boys 800 m Run
Girls 200 m Dash
Boys 200 m Dash
Girls 3200 m Run
Boys 3200 m Run
Girls Throwers 4 x 100 m Relay
Boys Throwers 4 x 100 m Relay
Girls 1600 m Relay
Boys 1600 m Relay

NOTE: Runners in the Throwers 4 x 100 relays should be primarily throwers in dual meets and/or invitational's. * Also, athletes may only use 1/8" spikes on track and on jumping runways/areas. Thank You.

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