GNC Live Well Liberty Mile

August 17, 2012 @ GNC Liberty Mile in Pittsburgh, PA

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Bring Back the Mile’s podcast series, 4 Minutes with a Miler, speaks to 8-time NCAA All-American and 3:53.76 Miler (FloTrack Video), AJ Acosta. A University of...

Additional Information

The event will take place on August 17 at 7 p.m. on Liberty Avenue, from 17th street in the strip to 6th street, Downtown. Six one-mile heats will be held offering various opportunities such as raising money and giving corporations the chance to participate in a corporate wellness challenge. The heats include:

One for Fun- Recreational mile for ages 5-100 years old.
Giving Back- Participants register and raise money for a participating charity.
It's All Business- Participants register and participate with their corporate teammates. 40+- Masters mile participants for competitors 40 years of age and older.
Unstoppable- Ages 13-39 years old. Open to competitive milers-male and female (6 minute mile or under).
Experts- Qualified participants 18 years of age and older-male (4:17 and under and female 5:00 min miler or under.

The announcement is part of the Bring Back The Mile Campaign,, a national movement to return the mile race to prominence on the American sports and cultural landscape. In 2012, there will be almost a half dozen new mile road races across the Country.


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