Meet Information

Registration help: BY:Oswayo Valley High SchoolHELD AT: Bolivar-Richburg High School, Bolivar, NYMEET DATE: Friday, April 28th, 2017MEET DIRECTOR: Bill Howard, Athletic DirectorOswayo Valley High SchoolP.O. Box 610, 318 Oswayo StreetShinglehouse, PA 16748Phone: 814-260-1701 X 204e-mail: bhoward@oswayo.comSANCTION: P.I.A.A. rules and regulations apply.SCORING: All schools will compete together with separate scores being kept for both boys and girls. Eight places will be scored in the events as follows: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 in each event. AWARDS: Medals will be awarded to the top 8 place winners in the individual events and the runners on the top three teams in each relay event. Medals will be available for pick up in a team envelope by the head coach. (Note: This worked well last year and allows us to keep the meet moving briskly and on schedule.) Team plaques will be awarded for the top two scoring boys and two scoring girls teams.FACILITY: An excellent eight lane polyurethane all-weather track with accompanying surfaces for the pole high jump, triple, and long jumps. A portable runway will be used for the pole vault. There is ample seating for spectators in the bleachers. ENTRY FEE:The entry fee is $80 per team and $150 when both boys and girls teams are entered. An individual entry fee of $10 per athlete/event will be charged for partial teams (if less than the team fees.) Checks should be made payable to O.V.S.D. and mailed to Bill Howard at the school address listed above. The entry fee is due by Wednesday, April 21st , 2017. We would appreciate you mailing the entry fee to us by this date so we dont have to deal with them the day of the meet. LOCKER ROOMS: Locker room facilities are not available. Athletes are encouraged to come dressed to compete for the meet.REST ROOMS:Large rest rooms for public use are available under the bleachers. CONCESSION STAND: Oswayo Valley High School T.R.A.C.K. Association will operate a concession stand throughout the meet. There will be a wide assortment of food and refreshments offered.T-SHIRTS: There will be meet t-shirts sold at the meet. Cost for the shirts is $12 each. A t-shirt order form is included for your convenience if you want to advance order. Please return it with your school entry fee.ENTRIES: The deadline for all entries is 10:00 PM on Monday, April 24th, 2017. All entries must be made on-line at (See entry directions attachment). You may begin entering your athletes when you wish and make changes up to the deadline. No additions or changes will be accepted after the entry deadline. IMPORTANT: Coaches may put an athletes best performance from this season only. However, estimates may not be used under any circumstance. If you have no time or no distance to enter, enter NT or ND for their seeding performance, respectively.There are no qualifying standards for the meet. Coaches must pre-enter at least four and up to six individuals for the relay events. The final four relay names must be determined when the runners report to the Clerking Tent. Scratches may be made at the meet but no additional competitors may be added at the meet. (NOTE: All seeding will be done on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016)PARTICIPATION LIMITATIONS:Limit of three competitors for each individual event and one team in each relay event. Individuals will be limited to participating in a maximum of four (4) events including relays.COACHES MEETING:There will be a coaches meeting at 3:30 PM. The first order of business will be making scratches.TRACK EVENTS: 1.All running event results will be fully automatic timed (FAT) with a FinishLynx timing system. Please note that we will time to the 1/1000 of a second in order to break ties but will print out to the 1/100 of a second. (NOTE: This is the same procedure used at the PIAA State Meet.)2.There will be trials and finals in the 100m dash (boys/girls), 100m hurdles (girls), and 110m hurdles (boys). They will be seeded according to the times coaches send in. Coaches should enter times to the tenths of second if a time is hand-timed and place an (h) at the end of the time (Ex. 12.6h) and to the hundredths of a second if the entered time is FAT (Ex. 12. 57). All hand times will be converted during the seeding process. Advancement in these races will be determined by the top eight (8) FAT times in the preliminaries, regardless of place.3.New York schools should enter their 1500 and 3000 meter times, as well as their 400 meter hurdle times. These will be converted to their 1600, 3200, and 300 meter equivalents according to formula. 4.All other races will be FINALS ONLY. They will be run slowest to fastest heat with the eight (8) fastest FAT times placing, regardless of what heat they are in. 5.Traditional starting blocks will be provided. Those desiring to use other blocks must bring their own blocks and have them approved at the clerking area.6.Spikes that do not extend 1/4" beyond the surface of the sole are allowed for use on the all weather surfaces. Event judges and the Clerk-of-Course will monitor this closely. Those found participating in violation of the meet rule will be disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct. 7.Relay batons must be provided by each participating school. They will be inspected by the Clerk prior to each relay event.8.All contestants must check in at the clerking area when his/her event is first called. Failure to do so may be cause for disqualification. Anyone failing to report by the last call will be disqualified.9.Be advised that the three (3) turn stagger will be used in the 1600 m. relay.10.Competitors must remain on the track at the end of each heat/race until dismissed by the head of the finish. 11.Track events supersede field events. Make sure your athletes who compete in track and field events are advised accordingly. Head event judges will instruct competitors according to dismissal time and offer opportunities to jump out of succession if the need arises.FIELD EVENTS: 1.Competitors must bring their own weight implements to the meet. They must meet National Federation standards and will be inspected by the head field judge prior to the beginning of the meet at a location to be announced. For shot put and discus the inspection will begin at 3:30 and conclude at 4:00.2.Coaches must present their POLE VAULT POLES AND VAULTING WEIGHT VERIFICATION FORM to the head field judge at the pole vault pit THIRTY (30) MINUTES PRIOR TO THE EVENT. A registered PIAA official will be judging the pole vault for the safety of the athletes.3.There will be three (3) trials in the throwing events in the preliminaries and three in the finals.4.The top nine (9) finishers in the preliminary rounds of the shot put and the discus will advance to the finals of the respective event.5.We will be having open pits for the horizontal jumps again this year. Each competitor will have 4 jumps with no finals. The pits will be open for the girls and boys long jump from 4:15 to 5:30 P.M. The pits will be open for the girls and boys triple jump from 5:30 to 6:45 P.M. Any competitor in the horizontal jumps must take all their jumps in the posted time frames. They may take all their jumps at one time or they may be taken singularly as long as all jumps are completed within the time limit. The top 8 place finishers will be awarded a medal in both the horizontal jumps. JURY OF APPEALS: Should the referee wish to consult with a jury of appeals that body will consist of the five registered officials and the head timer/meet director).MISCELLANEOUS: 1.All competitive areas of the track and field are restricted areas. Non-competitors, coaches, managers, teammates, parents and friends are restricted from these areas at all times. Failure to comply with this restriction could result in disqualification of the competitor and removal from the facilities.2.Once running events begin, all warm-ups for these events must take place outside the fenced track area.3.All field event implements must be removed from the site and returned to the bus or equipment shed when the competitor is no longer active. Absolutely no throwing or jumping will be allowed once a competition has ended.4.Coaches and contestants must listen carefully to announcements. Although a tentative schedule has been issued, meet management reserves the right to alter the schedule as time and conditions dictate. Failure to make appropriate adjustments will result in disqualification.5.As you know the integrity of the coaches in submitting accurate information (i.e. names, times, distances, etc.) determines competitive fairness. Your cooperation in this regard will do much to enhance the quality of this meet.6.Teams may set up tents outside the fence on the side of the track opposite the bleachers. However, the drive and gates must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. 7.Team buses must be parked by the bus garage located at the opposite end of the track from the school. Care should be given so that Bolivar-Richburg School District buses are able to return from their afternoon bus runs.8.There will not be an admission fee charged.