Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Franklin and MarshallCollege
High School Track and Field Invitational#1

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cost for the meet will be as follows:

A maximum of $300.00 per gender/$600.00for Boys and Girls combined.

Team fee is $15.00per athlete up to 20 athletes then team maximum discount applies.

Teams of over 50 athleteswill have an additional $10.00 per athlete added to the discountteam fee.







Registration procedure:

Contact Coach Wagner before the team registration deadlinesof Thursday, November 30 at 11:59 pm for meet one and by Thursday, December28 at 11:59 pm for meet two - via email.We will try to accommodate as manyteams as possible but we won't sacrificesafety or quality.

CoachWagnerwillnotifythoseteamswhoareacceptedandsendan accesscodeformeetentriesonpa.milesplit.

Thoseteamswhorespondfirstwillhavepriority (meaningthatothersmay beplacedonawaitinglist).Youwillbenotifiedifyouhavebeenplaced onthewaitlistandteamswillbeaddedbasedonthenumberofathletes alreadyenteredintothemeet.IfyouaretakenoffthewaitinglistCoach Wagnerwillsendyouanaccesscodesoyoucanenteryourathletesinto themeet.(Wewillmakethesedeterminationsasquicklyaspossiblesoas toallowcoachesadequatetimetomakearrangements.)

Athletes are permitted to wear spikeswith 1/8 inch pyramids only. An open pit format will be used for both the long jump and the triplejump competitions. Only indoor shot puts are permitted and shots are not to be droppedor thrown anywherein the building except in the throwingsector.

TheWest side of the ASFC complex willbeusedforallparking,aswellasfortheloading andunloadingofbuses.


*The winner of each event (not heat or trial) will receive a free t-shirt.

*Additional t-shirts will be sold at the snackbar.

Coaches, please plan accordingly: NO food or drink will be permitted oncthe athletic track surface. F&M will have a snackbar and locationsfor eating and drinking will be provided.

If you have any questions, please call, e-mail,check, or our webpage (Posting Date - 10/31/17).

Startingwiththe2017-2018season,allinformationregardinghighschoolmeetswillbepostedelectronicallyonourwebpage( review registration and payment procedures on page two.

New for 2017-2018

Noonsitetrainerwillbeavailable.AnEMTwillbeavailableincaseof emergencyonly.

Noicebagswillbeprovided.Ifyouhaveanathletewhoneedsicewewillprovideicebutno bags sopleasebringyourown.


Paul Wagner

Assistant Track & Field Coach

(717) 358-4100

Franklin & MarshallCollege

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Order of Events

10:00am - Field Events

Pole Vault (B-G)

High Jump (B-G)

Shot Put(G-B)

Long Jump(G-B) followed by Triple Jump (G-B)

10:30 am - Track Events

3200M Relay (B-G) (4X800)

60M Boys Hurdles

60M Girls Hurdles

60M Boys Dash

60M Girls Dash

1600 M(B-G)

800MRelay(B-G) (4X200)noblocks

400 M(B-G) no blocks

800 M(B-G)

200 M(B-G) no blocks after first 8 heats

3000 M(B-G)

1600MRelay (B-G) (4X400) no blocks


Each Schoolisonlypermittedthree(3)entriespereventandonlytwo(2)relayteams.


Field events will be conductedin a manner that promotesthe most efficient time management method.

Firstlegalthrow and Firstlegaljumpwill be measured, other marks must hit minimumstandard.(To be determined by field sizes)