Twin Valley Invitational

Elverson, PA
Hosted by Twin Valley

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8th Annual Twin Valley Raider Invitational

2018 Meet Information

April 20, 2018

Facility Notes

Shot, Discus, and Javelin are located outside the stadium behind the visitor bleachers. Javelin is a grass runway.

Team tents may be set up next to throws area to the left of discus, behind the visiting bleachers. The visitor bleachers may also be used for tents. Please do not set up any tents in the main bleachers.

Athletes and coaches are invited to use the restrooms/locker rooms on the bottom floor of the Physical Education Center. Please use the door just off of turn 4 to enter the bottom floor. No spikes in the PE Center. Spectators can use the restrooms located at the concession stand.

Spikes for the all-weather surface shall not exceed inch.

All athletes NOT warming up for/competing in upcoming events are requested to remain outside of the track area/off the infield. We want to continue to allow coaches and athletes on the infield, but you must have a legitimate purpose to be there at that time. Please help us enforce this rule with your athletes.

All throwers NOT competing in the current flight are requested to remain outside of the roped off area. This is for your safety. Once again, coachesplease help us enforce this rule with your athletes.

Results will be posted on the Physical Education Center wall during the meet on the exterior wall at the athlete restrooms/locker rooms.

Entry Notes

An individual may compete in a maximum of four events.

Each school is allowed a maximum of two athletes per varsity track event and field event, and one relay team per varsity relay event.

Each school is allowed a maximum of five athletes in the Novice 1600 meter run. Each school is allowed to enter a maximum of two teams in the Novice SMR.

Novice athletes may not enter varsity events.

The entry fee will be $150.00 per team, or $280.00 for both boys and girls. Individual athletes may enter at $10.00 per event - $15.00 per relay.

Please send entry fees to John Guiseppe by Monday, April 2nd. Please make all checks payable to Twin Valley All-Sports Booster Club. Please send intention form ASAP to reserve a spot.

John Guiseppe

TVSD Athletic Director

4897 N. Twin Valley Road

Elverson, PA 19520

The entry fee will pay for officials, FAT timing, medals, facility fees, meet workers, etc.

All entries will be done via Milesplit. All entries must be submitted on line by Wednesday, April 18th at 9:59PM.

Please do not include names for relays.

The invitational will be held rain or shine. You will be contacted at a later date with more details if the weather forecast indicates any severe threat.

Competition Notes

The invitational will follow all PIAA rules and regulations.

All track events will be timed using a FAT timing system.

Awards will be given to the top five finishers in each event/relay. This does include Novice events.

No team title will be awarded.

Trials will be held for the 100m, 200m, and 100/110m High Hurdle events. The fastest 8 times from trails will advance to the finals.

Novice Mile Coaches will be responsible to hand time all finishers in the novice mile, excluding the top 10 finishing athletes in the fast heat. The top 10 finishers will be FAT timed.

Declaration for 400m Run, 300m Hurdles, and 4x400m Relay We will seed these events after athletes/teams are asked to declare that they are competing. If your athlete does not declare, they will NOT complete. We will make calls for this over the PA System. Each event will be asked to declare 2 events prior to the event. Our goal is to eliminate open lanes in these events.

o 400m Run Athletes must declare by the time the 1600m Run starts.

o 300m Hurdles Athletes must declare by the time the 400m Run starts.

o 4x400m Relay Athletes must declare by the time the 200m Finals start.

Long Jump/Triple Jump Open Pit 3 Jumps Per Athlete No Finals. The horizontal jumps will all be contested in one sand pit. Please note the time slot for each open pit on the meet schedule. There will be a 30 minute time slot for practice runs prior to the start of the open pit time.

Shot/Discus/Javelin Flights Top 6 to finals. Please note the rotation of throwing events. Shot, Discus and Javelin for boys and girls will all be contested in just two time slots. Throwing events must be complete before sunset.

Throwing implements will not be weighed. The obvious expectation is that you are using legal implements.

High Jump and Pole Vault will be contested by the Five Alive Method.

All vaulting poles must be marked by weight and PIAA Pole Vault verification forms must be turned in to the official.

We will conduct athlete weigh-ins for Pole Vault. Athlete weigh-ins and pole verification will be done outside the bottom floor of the Physical Education Center.

All athletes competing in throwing or horizontal jump events will have their first attempt marked. After the first attempt, only performances exceeding the minimum distances measured will be marked.

Teams are to provide their own batons.

Starting blocks will be provided by Twin Valley.

Please listen for the events being called over the PA system. We will start the throws and horizontal jumps as soon as possible after the previous events are complete. We will run slightly ahead of schedule if possible.

There will be a coaches meeting at 3:00 in the Physical Education Center Classroom.

All scratches must be made before the coaches meeting, which begins at 3:00. Tables will be set up in the Physical Education Center Classroom.

Additions will not be accepted after the entry deadline. However, replacements for scratches will be accepted until 10am the morning of the meet via email only. The athlete who is replacing the scratched athlete must already be entered in the meet. We have always emailed out the performance list the day before the meet and have been generous in allowing you to fix any mistakes. We will continue to do so. However, 10am the morning of the meet is now the cutoff excluding scratches.

Athlete Drop-off/Parking Notes

All team busses should arrive at the TVHS Track between 2:15 and 2:45 in order to drop athletes off. Please plan to arrive by 2:45 in order to avoid traffic congestion as the TVHS students and staff are dismissed at 2:51. There will be an unloading zone coned off at the top of the steps which lead to the main entrance to the stadium. Busses will be directed to park at an alternate location for the duration of the meet. An individual will be there to greet buses as they arrive with more detailed information.

All spectators should arrive between 3:00 and 3:30 park in any of the TVHS parking lots. Once again, TVHS students and staff are dismissed at 2:51. The parking lots are almost empty by 3:05. It will be difficult to find a parking spot before the students and staff leave.

Gates open for spectators at 3:10. The field will begin at 3:30 and the track at 4:00.

8th Annual Twin Valley Raider Invitational

2018 Meet Schedule

April 20, 2018

Track Events All track events Girls then Boys

100-110 High Hurdle Trials 4:00

100 m Dash Trials 4:20

1600 m Novice Run 4:35

200 m Dash Trials 5:05

National Anthem The K-6th Community Youth Run 5:30

4x800 m Relay 5:50

100-110 High Hurdles Finals 6:20

100 m Dash Finals 6:30

1600 m Run 6:35

4 x 100 m Relay 7:05

400 m Run 7:25

Sprint Medley Novice Relay (400, 200, 200, 800) 7:45

300 m Hurdles 8:15

800 m Run 8:35

200 m Dash Finals 8:50

3200 m Run 9:00

4 x 400 m Relay 9:30

Field Events Throws

3:30 Boys Javelin Boys Shot Girls Discus

5:30 Boys Discus Girls Javelin Girls Shot

Field Events - Jumps

4:00 Girls Pole Vault Boys Follow

4:00 Boys High Jump Girls Follow

3:30 Long Jump Open Pit (3:30 to 6:15) Boys and Girls

6:45 Triple Jump Open Pit (6:45 to 9:15) Boys and Girls