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Information and Time Schedule Available Here

If participating schools can make this work, we want to start an hour early this year due to the March date and cooler temperatures at night.  Also, we are limiting number of teams for this same reason.

Field Begins at 2  4x8 will run at 2pm

Track Events begin at 3

Event Limits 3

Relay Limits 1

Payments Please send your entry fee of $125.00 per team ($250.00 per combined teams) by March 24th  2018 Please make checks payable to the Mount Carmel Area High School Athletic Account

and mail to: Mount Carmel Area School District, 600 West Fifth Street, Mount Carmel, PA


There will be a meeting of all coaches at 1:30-1:45 in the field house for the purpose of scratching

contestants. Substitutions can be made to replace a scratched athlete. However,

new entries will not be accepted. Also, you will not be permitted to move your

athlete to a new heat when on opening occurs due to a scratching.

Due to the resurfacing of our track and the addition of the all weather javelin runway, 3/

16 spikes will be required. As of now we intend to use FAT at this years meet. It is our utmost

desire to pursue excellence in providing a track and field meet of superior quality. We anticipate

that all coaches and athletes seek a performance level that demonstrates a high tribute to mans

oldest, greatest sportTrack & Field.

Come run on our brand new track, with new javelin and jumping areas redone.