Middle School Girls

Middle School Girls
1Macy Putman 8th North East 12:05.9
2Olivia Lowe 8th Grove City 12:14.2
3Alyssa Boyd 7th Union City 12:20.6
4Tyrzah McCall 7th FLB 12:24.9
5Claire Brown 8th VME 12:25.3
6Hannah Sanford 8th Grove City 12:33.9
7Paige Yoder 7th Meadville 12:41.2
8Sydney Lewendowski 7th Meadville 12:42.0
9Lindsey Friello 7th Our Lady of Peace 12:43.8
10Carlee Constable 7th Our Lady of Peace 12:44.2
11Emily Shopene 7th Our Lady of Peace 12:44.8
12Lucy Volna 7th Meadville 12:51.2
13Riley Crissman 8th Bradford 12:52.9
14Olivia Trauner 8th Union City 12:54.4
15Mia Byham 8th Meadville 12:56.9
16Olivia Graham 7th General McLane Girls 13:08.1
17Brie Sutherland 8th Corry 13:08.7
18Kate McIntosh 7th North East 13:09.8
19Caitlin Plozani 8th FAIRVIEW 13:10.4
20Kate Daugharthy 8th Eisenhhower 13:11.0
21Tessa Semple 8th Grove City 13:11.6
22Joelle Klein 7th North East 13:12.0
23Paeten Graves 8th Corry 13:12.4
24Kessli Hall 8th Corry 13:21.4
25Caitlyn Phelps 7th Corry 13:22.8
26Maddie Hamilton 8th Grove City 13:25.1
27Meredith Prather 7th Meadville 13:31.5
28Bethany Evankovich 7th General McLane Girls 13:35.7
29Lydia Swartzbaugh 8Youngsville 13:36.0
30Leigh Fehlman 7Youngsville 13:41.5
31Brook Messinger 7Youngsville 13:42.3
32Leah Breckley 7th General McLane Girls 13:43.3
33Anna Nelson 8th Smethport Area 13:46.1
34Arianna Brien 8th Bradford 13:46.4
35Kiersten Slater 8th Smethport Area 13:50.1
36Sydney Way 8th Corry 13:52.4
37Marissa Mountford 7th Seneca 13:52.8
38Grace Westfall 8th FAIRVIEW 13:57.0
39Lee Gaby 7th Saegertown 14:00.3
40Emily Little 7th Bradford 14:04.3
41Morgan Burgess 7th Union City 14:04.6
42Kimberly Lindstrom 8Youngsville 14:05.8
43Leah Haas 7th North East 14:07.7
44Marissa Flagg 8th McDowell Middle School 14:08.0
45Abby White 8th North East 14:08.6
46Mallory Knight 7th Iroquois 14:08.9
47Emily Zukowski 7th Our Lady of Peace 14:12.4
48Sarah Nutt 8th FLB 14:13.9
49Liz Tanner 8th Smethport Area 14:14.2
50Kelsey Merosky 8th FAIRVIEW 14:22.9
51Sierra Bahl 7th Union City 14:24.9
52Megan Martin 7th North East 14:25.8
53Halle Culmer 7th Grove City 14:26.8
54Tessa Miller 7th Meadville 14:27.3
55Francesca Sicari 8th Our Lady of Peace 14:30.0
56Kelly MacRae 8th Grove City 14:31.1
57Emily Reams 7th Bradford 14:36.8
58Amy Messina 7th Our Lady of Peace 14:37.9
59Morgan Whitlow 7th Bradford 14:41.2
60Susan Dunsworth 8th Strong Vincent 14:41.8
61Quinn Maloney 8th McDowell Middle School 14:43.3
62Katherine Fair 7th General McLane Girls 14:48.6
63Allison McCloy 7th FAIRVIEW 14:49.9
64Cassie Oleksak 8th FAIRVIEW 14:50.4
65Brooke Blondale 7th McDowell Middle School 14:51.4
66Samantha Wilko 7th FAIRVIEW 14:54.0
67Morgan Ramsey 7th North East 14:54.3
68Ashley Ernst 8th McDowell Middle School 14:54.7
69Hannah McAvoy 8th Bradford 15:03.6
70Alyssa Abrams 7th Union City 15:05.7
71Ellie Fetzner 7th McDowell Middle School 15:06.5
72Elizabeth Patsy 8th Our Lady of Peace 15:08.7
73Eva Yochim 8th Strong Vincent 15:10.8
74Alyssa Shade 8th General McLane Girls 15:11.3
75Alina Nieratko 8th McDowell Middle School 15:11.6
76Casey Wise 8th FAIRVIEW 15:16.0
77Eryn Menosky 8th McDowell Middle School 15:16.4
78Kimberly Kiefer 8th McDowell Middle School 15:16.8
79Lydia Marcinko 8th General McLane Girls 15:20.2
80Erin Meeker 8th McDowell Middle School 15:26.7
81Shea Thompson 8th General McLane Girls 15:34.4
82Madisson Rinella 8th Meadville 15:36.5
83Molly Sullivan 7th Meadville 15:37.1
84Morgan Hart 7th Smethport Area 15:37.6
85Audrey Wright 8th Grove City 15:38.2
86Jennifer Ruffner 8th Bradford 15:38.7
87Annie Cacchione 7th McDowell Middle School 15:39.3
88Kristine Malinowski 8th FLB 15:40.2
89Taylor Kendra 7th Saegertown 15:40.5
90Christine Hoffman 8th Our Lady of Peace 15:42.0
91Margaret Newara 8th Harbor Creek 15:43.8
92Madelaine Moreland 8th Meadville 15:49.6
93Jocelyn Courtney 7th Eisenhhower 15:50.2
94Sofia Viebranz 8th McDowell Middle School 16:00.5
95Ford Emily 7th Saegertown 16:10.1
96Erin Sheridan 7th Harbor Creek 16:13.5
97Kylie Tucci 7th Corry 16:14.8
98Brynn Gleason 7th FAIRVIEW 16:16.0
99Amelia Beaumont 7th Harbor Creek 16:16.4
100Annie Lichtinger 7th FLB 16:16.9
101Melissa Kulp 7th Grove City 16:25.3
102Emily Hamilton 7th Our Lady of Peace 16:31.3
103Gabby Kolodziejczak 8th North East 16:35.4
104Cheyenne Armstrong 7th Bradford 16:45.5
105Brianna Peyton 8th Strong Vincent 16:46.5
106Taylor Campbell 8th FLB 16:47.4
107Coon Paige 7th Saegertown 16:50.6
108Ivy Woodruff 7th Smethport Area 16:53.4
109Emily Steffens 8th Corry 17:00.9
110Cassandra Lehner 7th Corry 17:01.7
111Kara Williams 8th FAIRVIEW 17:03.0
112Cassie Liebegott 8th Corry 17:03.9
113Dakota McElravy 8th Corry 17:05.4
114Madelyn Hultman 7th Eisenhhower 17:08.9
115Laura Newburg 7th Bradford 17:09.3
116Gabriela Hupp 7th North East 17:13.0
117Allie Hart 8th FAIRVIEW 17:14.3
118Elise McCarthy 8th FAIRVIEW 17:16.1
119Kayla Malone 8th General McLane Girls 17:17.1
120Alexie Riley 7th Bradford 17:19.1
121Krystin Keyes 8th Bradford 17:23.5
122Kaitlyn Brace 7th Seneca 17:30.9
123Amanda Laughlin 7th General McLane Girls 17:32.1
124Emma Campbell 7th General McLane Girls 17:39.9
125Siena Parini 8th FAIRVIEW 17:48.5
126Rachael Counasse 8th Cambridge Springs 17:49.6
127Sophie Stefanovski 7th FAIRVIEW 17:54.5
128Brianna Murosky 8th McDowell Middle School 18:00.7
129Katie Gustafson 7th Smethport Area 18:01.4
130Tiffany Haney 8Youngsville 18:05.0
131Briana Hites 8th Grove City 18:05.3
132Megan Wise 7th Grove City 18:05.7
133Angela Przybystewski 7th Harbor Creek 18:14.2
134Jessica Paris 7th Iroquois 18:35.1
135Morgan Stull 8th Grove City 18:39.1
136Dyna Fitzsimmons 7th General McLane Girls 18:40.9
137Jessica Dart 7th Smethport Area 18:42.7
138Marie Bergquist 7th General McLane Girls 18:43.3
139Zayla Hobson 8th General McLane Girls 18:43.9
140Natalie Swantek 7th Our Lady of Peace 18:49.0
141Bailey Merritt 7th Iroquois 18:50.9
142Ruthie Risenberg 8th FAIRVIEW 18:53.5
143Katie Otteni 7th Corry 19:06.1
144Hannah Bortz 7th Eisenhhower 19:06.5
145Alix Hezlep 7th Smethport Area 19:40.6
146Lexy Blankenship 8th Iroquois 19:43.6
147Brianna King 7th McDowell Middle School 20:06.7
148Victoria Glover 8th FLB 20:15.8
149Cheyenne Watkins 8th McDowell Middle School 20:39.3
150Katie Hanes 7th McDowell Middle School 20:47.2
151Brooks Alecia 8th Saegertown 21:28.2
152Tabitha Brown 7th Iroquois 21:59.6
153Sydney Grace 8th McDowell Middle School 22:25.1
154Nadya Morales 8th East 22:39.6
155Samantha Newton 7th Smethport Area 22:47.9
156Morgan Rennie 7th Harbor Creek 23:18.3
157Taylor Stefanyszym 8th Grove City 23:18.6