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6 years ago 6th PIAA Foundation XC Invitational 2012
why are jv runners from Cardinal Ohara girls listed as 8th graders? Isn't that forbidden in PIAA ...
9 years ago 4x8 at states
High School Sports should be about the team first. There will be plenty of time later on in a ru...
9 years ago 4x8 at states
[quote=JacokNortovc]I figure he goes for the relay... if he didn't he'd be letting down three oth...
9 years ago Helman Invite
9 years ago Best College
9 years ago Smart Running//Training
We must all think of ourselves as wanting to succeed. At least most of us do. We see SO many ta...
10 years ago Suck at xc but 2nd place 4x800 states!?
That is true. But if you can break 2:00 in the 800 there is no reason in the world you should no...
10 years ago WPIAL Team Stuff
I like what the WPIAL does. Anything that encourages more of a team aspect in Track is a good th...
10 years ago The top sophmore of this year indoor and outdoor
Souderton Sophs Dan Meulners 1600 4:37 800 1:59 Jake Portock 800 2:00
10 years ago Palisades Invite
This is the second year for the meet. Should be some good teams there. Palisades is a AA school...
11 years ago indoor air
Try Lifesavers
11 years ago Favorite Penn XC Meet (HS)
Souderton Invite!
11 years ago Jack Cuvo
He was a legend in the Lehigh Valley. Even though wrestling was his main sport he was a great XC...
11 years ago '08 Best Female Class Ever in PA
becky kratz of souderton has shown a lot of improvement this year...one of the top runners in the...
11 years ago SOL National vs Centenial vs Continental
NP and UD are great teams this year. However the Continental has much more depth. The 5th best ...
11 years ago soo where's everyone from the class of 08 applying to college?
All philadelphia schools, Temple, Drexel and UPenn
11 years ago Fretz
The funneling on that course was terrible, especially at the start. I am not quite sure if there...
11 years ago Fretz
I liked it, I thought it was a pretty fast course. Dropped 2:01 from a race on monday
11 years ago this or that
Souderton Invite 9/29
11 years ago sleep is for the weak
It is a great book. You will like it.
11 years ago "Pre Lives"
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Pre is dead. I am sick of all of this \"Pre Lives\" gar...
11 years ago best 5 in team history
Yes. at least until capaldi drives him insane.
11 years ago RUNNING QUOTES
\"if you want to get faster train, don\'t quote people!\"
11 years ago Chanelle Price 2:02.76!
They will both have plenty of time to excel on the national and international scene. I hope they...
11 years ago 24 hour relay
How can you say that? You have a great coach.
11 years ago Flotrackr
We have just started using it.
11 years ago Which AAA district\'s the best this year?
District One will be the best as always.
11 years ago Here\'s how you guys can all make me shut up...
District One will dominate states as always.
11 years ago Freshmen Distance
Souderton Dan Meulners 4:45 and 2:01
11 years ago Who is the fastest freshman/sophmore in Pennsylvania?
Souderton has a freshman who has run 4:45 and 2:01
11 years ago Cinders in PA?
I think it can be as much as 2 seconds per lap
11 years ago Top GIrl Milers SOL National & Dist 1AAA
Becky kratz is a monster
11 years ago SOL National Girls Team
and Neshaminy
11 years ago School
and it seems as if you spent the extra time on penntrackxc forums
11 years ago running multiple events
As long as they are keeping a team score the focus should be on helping your team win not individ...
12 years ago Best NCAA Athlete ever
Undesputibley OJ Simpson was the best NCAA athlete ever.
12 years ago 4 X 8 Relay Teams
Souderton should have a good team
12 years ago Jr. High Meets Cross Country
My school is considering adding jr. high xc. Is there any leagues or meets that we could be a pa...
12 years ago SOL National and Continental @ Tennent
The fact that the Pennridge girl was DQ was a disgrace. We need to have officials who make reaso...
12 years ago Counil Rock invitational
It is not even close. HH and CRN will crush Ghost at Districts.
12 years ago does d rander have a life?
You are right you do have a coach who cares. Al spent as much time coaching the 5:00 min mile ki...
12 years ago Summer Mileage
It is true that many great High School runners who do 100mile weeks burn out by College. A good H...
12 years ago Summer Mileage
100 mile weeks is way too high for most high school runners. It will lead to injury and burnout....
12 years ago Personal Goals for Spring Track 2006
You better be ready for XC
12 years ago track game
What are your guys PR\'s in the 200m?
12 years ago what are the fastest freshmen distance times in PA this year
Souderton had a 9th grader run 2:03 in the 800 and 52 in the 400 this year.
12 years ago District 1 VS. District 3 (AAA)
District One is the best in the state overall. It is true this year and every year.
12 years ago college picks
DeSales Is a great school. You guys will love the team
12 years ago North Penn v. Simon Gratz Dual Meet
Simom Gratz has great star athletes but in a dual meet it would not be close. NP would destroy G...
13 years ago college picks
That is a great school with a great coach.