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6 months ago 15th Annual Red, White & Blue Classic 2017
Go Lebo!
2 years ago Eastern Mennonite Invitational 2016
A few boss hills, but a fair course that the strongest thrive on.
4 years ago exporting stats to excel/db
I would add that paid subscribers should have this ability.
4 years ago VHSL 3A/4A State Outdoor T&F Championships 2014 Schedule
Resurface and repaint of Harrisonburg HS Track has been completed. A new plant box on PV runway i...
4 years ago Harrisonburg Last Chance Invitational 2014
Event 31 Girls 3200 Meter Run =================================================================...
4 years ago VHSL Group 4A State Outdoor T&F Championships 2014
@PorterFamily By "your" order of events are you speaking to milestat, or the VHSL? If the VHSL...
4 years ago Are the Elite Results Verified
The site posts what is sent. I think you are "killing the messenger" to some degree by blaming th...
4 years ago Standards that need reviewed
4A, Conference 23, Girls TJ - 37-4
4 years ago VHSL Group 4A State Indoor T&F Championships 2014
Meet will run events 3A girls, 4A girls, 3A boys, 4A boys through each event. Both classificat...
4 years ago Article Comment: Virginians @ Foot Locker Nationals: Caroline Alcorta 3rd!
CV represent! Gar Mountain Strong!
4 years ago Article Comment: Coaching State Champions: Jim Holdren (Maggie Walker)
Way to be Holdren, Snagg, Webb, etc. Congrats from the 'Burg.
4 years ago Cost of an indoor track facility.
First I will pay off cars and mortgages, then endow a bunch of scholarships, and then build an In...
5 years ago Article Comment: Athlete Spotlight: Alex Fleckenstein (Maggie Walker)
Congrats to Fleck. Missing in this interview are references to his Frisbee abilities. I will be g...
5 years ago Knights Crossing XC Invitational 2013
I've tried in 3 browsers. All the same. Would like to copy and past results in to a word doc. Can...
5 years ago District Meets?
Valley "District" has just decided to move the meet from 10/23 (one week prior to Conference meet...
5 years ago JV Meets
E.C. Glass next Saturday, the 11th. Info on milestat calendar.
5 years ago Millbrook Last Chance Invitational 2013
@coachbarnes We've got room for your extra throwers down here at HHS next Friday. Send me an emai...
5 years ago Dogwood Track Classic 2013
Glad to hear that. Thanks.
5 years ago Dogwood Track Classic 2013
Yes, are there minimums in SP/DT? What are they?
6 years ago New Classification
So just to make sure I read this right: In XC we (Harrisonburg) go to our conference (23) meet...
Good luck Coach Stockdreher in the next phase of your career. We know it's not easy for you to le...
6 years ago Dates of 2012-2013 LU Indoor Invites
Don't know if the are up, but when ready LU posts the info on a link on their T&F webpage.
Stadium opens at 8:00am. Heat 1 of Girls 4x8 stays. Heat 2 will rerun. Will send one-day s...
6 years ago Article Comment: Region D boys team champion still being disputed
Also, gotta love: a - "we hadn't stressed the rules ..." b - half of the jury of appeals had ...
6 years ago Article Comment: Region D boys team champion still being disputed
Seems like a no-brainer to me. Had the call BEEN made, it would have been a judgment call and not...
6 years ago Why do some invitationals have this policy?
My gripe is when the minimum is not declared/communicated in advance of the entry date. This ofte...
6 years ago VHSL Group AAA State Outdoor T&F Championships 2012
When available should be here: http://www.vhsl.org/athletics.outdoor-track
6 years ago jewelry rule
Check your 2012 rule book. Page 25. I'm sure it will be explained in painful detail at every meet...
6 years ago Who will be the stars of the State Meet: Athletes or Officials??
Perhaps the regular officials in the Eastern Region are too lax during the season and let infract...
6 years ago Region II results
I've always wondered if the Octoberfest layout was short. Times there can be awfully quick.
7 years ago Cross Country Predictions?
7 years ago Red White & Blue
Congratulations to Coach A and Lebo. Keep fit and focused, Blue Devils. Us old guys are watchi...
7 years ago New Feature: Top 10 Lists...First list: best high school XC coaches in VA
7 years ago uniform violations
The rule for this season states that a team is given one warning for improper uniforms before a d...
7 years ago First annual meet 100 miles of stars
Thanks, Coach, and thanks to all who came in our attempt to build a quality last chance meet in t...
7 years ago Article Comment: Changes in Qualifying for State Cross Country Meet passes 1st of 2 votes to make of
I don't mind the change to top-15 non-inclusive finishers - there is certainly competition waitin...
7 years ago Article Comment: Changes in Qualifying for State Cross Country Meet passes 1st of 2 votes to make of
I doubt you would call it "barely a team sport" if your team was strong. I don't say that to be s...
7 years ago Article Comment: Group AA State Indoor Meet - Top 10 Individual Match-ups
Daquaa Scott 19-4.5 LJ and 6-5 HJ! Now THAT's an athlete!
7 years ago State Track championship
VHSL makes money off of playoff games. Schools do not. In FB and BB, once a team is eliminated, ...
7 years ago Article Comment: Legendary coach Jim Holdren suffers stroke, recovering at Richmond area hospital
Coach - HBRG and CV know you're the man . . . and probably working you physical therapist around ...
8 years ago AA Who got out?
No joke? So they overruled the Region II handbook in favor of limiting teams? Wow.
8 years ago AA Who got out?
Who made it out (boys/girls teams) from the Seminole and Northwest?
8 years ago WPIAL Predictions?
Go Lebo.
8 years ago Article Comment: VA District Meet Coverage Central
It is. But that's also the nature of the post season. In the end, it's a tournament, and often ...
8 years ago Article Comment: Dulles District: Potomac Falls boys win 10th straight, 1-2 frosh duo leads Freedom
Here's the VHSL alignment for the next 2 years: http://www.vhsl.org/files/rr-2011-13-final-plan...
8 years ago Running With The Wolves Thoughts?
@mrpwalton The Who, "Won't get Fooled Again"
8 years ago District & Region Meet Dates
Massanutten (10/27) and Region III (11/2) at Rockingham County Fairgrounds.
8 years ago Article Comment: Albemarle Invite: Mattie Webb & Kyle King are clear cut best of Group AA and maybe
What's with the ankle straps? Timing, I'm guessing. They look cumbersome.
8 years ago World Record Attempt Coming to PA
Here's an old site: http://www.runtheusa.com/ Involves Mt. Lebo alum Scott Sehon and a former Bu...
8 years ago How many track "clubs" are going to find themselves in trouble.
"Let's face it, if you just get cross country kids together and they run and their coach is there...