Predicted Friday Storm Moves PIAA D1 to Sat & Sun/Rain moves D6AAA from Thur to Fri/D3 2 HR delay


Predicted Friday (May 16) storm moves PIAA D1 AA/AAA to Saturday & Sunday reports Meet Director and District 1 Track & Field Chaiman, Ron Lopresti.

The schedule will remain the same for both days. "Our objective is to give the athletes the best opportunity to advance to the state championships."


Actual rain caused PIAA D6 AAA to move from Thursday (May 15) to Friday (May 16)... same schedule. The meet will begin at 4 pm.


Predicted improving conditions in Shippensburg for Friday (May 16) caused PIAA D3 AA/AAA to delay the start of all events by two hours. So Field events will begin at 2 pm, Track events will begin at 3 pm... and all other events will be exactly two hours later than the original schedule.