PA Salute to Seniors: Matt Slagus (North Pocono)

Today, we salute Matt Slagus of North Pocono. The University of South Dakota recruit had a terrific career in the throws. He was second in the state in Class AAA two times in the discus, finishing with a high school best of 187-4.. In the shot put, Slagus took second at states as a senior with a PR of 59-8.5. He also had a best of 206-0 in the hammer throw and 68-10.75 in the weight throw. He also made a nice splash at national meets.

Slagus reflects on his career below.

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What was your most memorable race/competition?

My most memorable competition would have to be at the 2017 PIAA state meet. I had a huge personal best in the shot-put and took second place in both the shot and the discus.

Where did you face your biggest competition?

I faced my biggest competition at the New Balance national outdoor meet where three athletes threw around 200 hundred feet in the discus and I ended up taking eighth place and throwing 184.

Out of all of your high school accomplishments, which stands out the most?

My accomplishment that stands out the most is taking second in the state in the shot put this year. I had the best day of my life in the event and beat my previous personal record by over four feet in my last attempt that took me from fourth place all the way up to second. I was also able to take 8th in the nation in the discus, 9th in the weight and 10th in the hammer. 

If you could do it all over again, what would you change about your athletic career in high school? 

If I could do it all over again, I would focus on the shot put more and practice more because I eventually became a decent shot thrower but I could have been much better if I pushed myself to train more. 

What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?

The most difficult obstacle I've had to overcome is being in the shadow and always behind Jordan Geist, the number one shot put thrower in the country, and second best in the discus. My marks that I threw at the state meet are good enough to win most state meets but I've always had the best in front of me, but that only pushed me to make me work harder and it only helped me to throw farther. 

What will you miss the most?

The part I will miss the most will be going to practice everyday with my father and my younger sister, Jessica.

Do you have any advice for younger athletes?

My advice is to keep going, keep working hard and you can ALWAYS be better, never be satisfied. 

How have your coaches influenced your performances and your life goals overall?

All of my coaches have influenced me positively in my career and have helped me stay grounded and made me realize that there is much much more to accomplish.

What are your post-high school plans? 

After high school I am embarking on a great journey to travel half way across the country and attend the University of South Dakota and be trained by 3x Olympic hammer thrower A.G Kruger.


I want to thank all of my coaches, my High school coach, Jason Sepkowski, my Club Coach Glenn Thompson, for teaching me more than just technique, and the most important of all, my father Mike, for teaching me I'm not really as good as I think and pushing me to be better and also for making me start lifting when I was just a young chubby pup so I could become a still chubby but strong and accomplished dog. Last but not least id like to thank my mother, Judy, for supporting me and being my personal chauffer to all of my meets, my Nana for being my biggest fan, and my sisters Jennifer and Jessica, Jenn is the only reason I started throwing, and Jessica is my personal throwing buddy and one of the reasons I accomplished so much. Good luck to Jessica in her future career and GO YOTES! (USD's mascot is a coyote).