Watch Marlee Starliper Go 2:09 At The Distance Festival

A year ago at the John Hay Distance Festival at Henderson, Marlee Starliper competed against a strong elite field in the 800 meters. Then a Northern junior, Starliper went 2:09.44, a 800 meter PR and the third fastest time of last spring in the event.

Starliper, known more for her chops in races a mile and up, proved she had plenty of speed, taking fifth in a strong field. Deborah Rodriguez captured the win in 2:05.01.

This race served as a tune-up for Starliper, who would go on to claim the national title a few weeks later at New Balance Nationals Outdoor. Starliper wanted to get a speedy race in before she took to the mile at NBNO. She won handily in North Carolina in a time of 4:41.18.

Women's 800 Meters (Elite)
  Pl Name                 Team                       Time 
   1 Rodriguez, Deborah   Juventus                2:05.01 
     1:02.037 (1:02.037)      2:05.004 (1:02.967)      

   2 Piccirillo, Angel    Juventus                2:05.68 
     1:02.373 (1:02.373)      2:05.675 (1:03.302)      

   3 Howell, Michelle     Howell District TC      2:06.15 
     1:02.304 (1:02.304)      2:06.144 (1:03.840)      

   4 McDonald, Kimarra    Juventus                2:06.53 
     1:02.583 (1:02.583)      2:06.527 (1:03.944)      

   5 Starliper, Marlee    Northern                2:09.44 
     1:04.471 (1:04.471)      2:09.432 (1:04.962)      

   6 Evans, Maddy         WCRC                    2:09.60 
     1:04.015 (1:04.015)      2:09.596 (1:05.582)      

Starliper clocked even splits, staying put after a very quick early pace. She went out in 64.47 and came back in 64.93. 

Watch the race above and check out an interview below: