Governor Recommends No Sports In Pennsylvania Until Jan. 1

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has recommended that no sports should take place within the commonwealth until January 1, 2020.

"The guidance is we ought to avoid any congregate settings, and that means anything that brings people together is going to help that virus get us and we ought to do everything we can to defeat that virus," Wolf said during the press conference in response to a question about the PIAA.

"So any time we get together for any reason, that's a problem because it makes it easier for that virus to spread. So the guidance from us -- the recommendation -- is that we don't do any sports until January 1," he concluded.

Last week, the PIAA announced its plans to move ahead with the fall sports season with particular safety measures in place. The future of the fall sports season and beyond has been in question amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The PIAA will reportedly be meeting today and will release a statement later. The meeting, an executive session closed to media, is scheduled for 2:30 PM. The state association has contended previously that it likely won't go against the Governor's office.