College Signings: PA Class of 2023

Pictured - Kadi Bauer (Burrell) commits to Edinboro on National Signing Day

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Pennsylvania seniors, or college coaches, use this form to submit your college commitment if not already listed on our college signings page.

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This will help us make sure career stats continue through college on the same profile and adds the commitment to the athlete profile page. And this is not limited to Division I schools.

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Pennsylvania College Commitments - Updated 11/12




DATE Added


Bankert, NoahSouth WesternShippensburg University Sprints | Jumps11/09/22>
Bartholomew, LiaWest MiddlesexDuquesne University Triathlon11/09/22>
Bauer, KadiBurrellEdinboro University Distance | XC11/09/22>
Bell, RileyNortheasternMt. St. Mary's University Distance | XC11/09/22>
Borgesi, JakeSouth Fayette High SchoolPenn State University Distance/XC10/19/22>
Brill, DrewLaSalle College High SchoolBelmont University Distance/XC10/31/22>
Brooks, MaddyBishop McDevittBrown University11/09/22>
Clark, SarahCathedral PrepGeorge Mason University Distance | XC11/09/22>
Cunningham, DylanKennard-DaleLehigh University Distance10/27/22>
Dauberman, NicoleSusquehannockRider University Distance11/09/22>
Davis, ClarissaCentral YorkLock Haven University Throws11/10/22>
De Syon, LucieLancaster City Track ClubDavidson College11/09/22>
DiCola, BrianHatboro HorshamPenn State University Distance | XC10/16/22>
Ebersole, RileyCumberland ValleyCornell University Sprints11/09/22>
Ebmeyer, DakinEpiscopal AcademyColgate University Distance | XC11/10/22>
Garcia, AlexLower DauphinUniversity of Vermont Sprints11/09/22>
Granger, KaileyDallastownBucknell University Distance | XC11/10/22>
Hodge, AidanHempfield (3)University of Mississippi Distance | XC11/09/22>
Keefer, EllieWest Chester RustinMonmouth University10/04/22>
Kiser, CamrynChambersburgUniversity of Pittsburgh Distance11/09/22>
Kletz, HarleyMontourLipscomb University11/07/22>
Kroboth, BrettPeters TownshipPenn State University Distance11/05/22>
Leneweaver, AubreyHaverford Township HSUniversity of Pittsburgh11/10/22>
Lieberman, RoryDanville AreaUniversity of Pennsylvania10/06/22>
Lucas, EllaWarwickUniversity of South Carolina Throws11/09/22>
Marks, RyleighSusquehannockShippensburg University10/10/22>
McGallicher, LandonManheim CentralMonmouth University Hurdles11/09/22>
McHugh, AidanEpiscopal AcademyBoston College10/06/22>
McLean, NataliePine-RichlandGeorgetown University11/03/22>
McNamee, MarissaCentral DauphinKutztown University Pole Vault11/09/22>
Mogck, GavinPenncrestGeorge Mason University Distance | XC11/09/22>
O'Brien, MatthewSusquehannockCornell University09/16/22>
Preputnick, BrookeHersheyUniversity of Mississippi Distance | XC11/09/22>
Prunzik, DaniUpper Saint ClairPenn State University Sprints11/09/22>
Puckett, HannahPenncrestAmerican University Distance | XC11/09/22>
Puhalla, JacobMoon AreaUniversity of Louisville Distance | XC11/09/22>
Quarzo, JolenaBrownsville AreaNC State University Distance09/09/22>
Sterner, JoshuaBrandywine Heights AreaUniversity of Charleston Sprints11/09/22>
Swarr, MaggieLampeter StrasburgBelmont University11/09/22>
Sydnor, JillianShippensburgUniversity of Iowa Sprints09/09/22>
Tapper, ElizabethHempfield Area (7)University of Michigan Throws10/20/22>
Tarpley, CarolynDowningtown WestPenn State University Distance/XC11/10/22>
Vitiello, AvaHamptonNortheastern University Distance | XC11/10/22>
Wilber, ReeseAltoona AreaUniversity at Buffalo Distance/XC11/09/22>
Wright, KamiahJ.P. McCaskeyUniversity of Richmond11/09/22>
Wright, KamyahJ.P. McCaskeyUniversity of Richmond11/09/22>
Zubey, ClaireOwen J. RobertsPenn State University Distance | XC11/09/22>