PTFCA announces ruling on girls competing against boys during the 2011 Indoor Season


Important message to all track coaches from PTFCA:


It has come to our attention that there have been girls competing against boys this indoor season. This is NOT PERMITTED if the girl wants to also compete against girls during the season. Any mark made against boys will not be considered for entrance into the State Meet or any PTFCA meet. According to PIAA interpretation, if a girl wants to compete against boys in any season, she must continue to compete only against boys. She may NOT be on both girls and boys teams at the same time in the same season. Since the PTFCA's meets are PIAA sanctioned, we must follow PIAA rules. Thus, from this date on (December 31, 2010), any competition by a girl against boys will result in that girl being considered a boy (for competition purposes) for the rest of the season. However, marks from December will not be accepted for championship meet qualification during indoor.


                                                        Ron Lopresti, President, PTFCA