2012 PTFCA Boys C of Y Bob Jesson has retired-but fellow Haven coach Bill Coren wants the last word



    Photo by Bob Carey   

You started coaching over 40 years ago
Darby Junior High-You made that program grow

Beverly Hills would have kicked your rear end
That's because they had a better coach-- Coren

Soon Penn Wood decided to bring you up to the high school level
You yelled and cajoled and as always tried like the devil

That cinder track could not slow Penn Wood down
You often wore the DelVal and Delco crown

Glen Mills was your #1 foe back in the day
Richie and Barry and the judges helped their athletes stay

But you had coaches like Bob Furman, Arnie, and Roger Kennedy
But you really knew what you were doing when you hired me

Boy you had athletes like Mark, Champ, Whitsett, Larry and Cliffy too.
Even Coach Styer once vaulted for you

Let's not forget Leroy Burrell who won all four at States
Yeah-You coached him and he went on to be one of the Olympic greats

Then there was the strike and we wouldn’t cross the picket line
Coach Jesson knows how to move on-You’ll be just fine

Dr. Slick at Strath Haven then made a great move
Coach Jesson was the man to help Haven’s track team improve

Twenty years later history tells the story
Strath Haven track has had lots of glory

But not just with the boys team did Coach Jesson give it a try
Your girls in XC and your female sprinters (especially Liz) all had a good cry

“Take Lane 6” you would later yell to the girls, the Boys have lanes 1 to 5
But truthfully you really did care about the girls and helped our program thrive

Coaching with Jim Connor, Cathy Dunn, and Woolery to name a few
Ryan, Condrati, Carla, Styer, Ronnie and Thea were your recent crew

Certainly we can’t forget your hiring of Coach Ed
Thank God you’re retiring or one of you would most likely be dead

And yes, Coach Coren and you had an occasional confrontational shout
But both of us respected each other-there was no doubt

As for your athletes, there’s way too many to name
All of them helped you reach a deserved Hall of Fame

Jamir was first and Khari was not far behind
St James closed and we got Lamar, Melvin, and Harvey-Quite a find

Don’t forget Pagano, Kellen, Ptah, Tony, Mark, Manny and Jamie Vetter
Calling yourself  ‘the luckiest coach in the world” you still made them better

This year’s group was probably the best by far
Many State medals-of course Chris left his in the car

“Tradition” is one of your favorite words to use when you want your way
But for Strath Haven track you made it a party every day

Pizza for the boys, speed suits, intervals, and school record boards
Some of the reasons kids came out for your team in hoards

It was fun arguing with Sandy and Ron, and battling George and Dan
Even your competitors respect you as a man

Boy we will miss you, especially your constant advice
And I’ll miss you reminding me “You do nothing for the party-At least get the ice”

On a serious note, you are retiring as the 2012 PA Coach of the year
Bob--We will all miss you--You’ve had an awesome career!!!



By Bill Coren, Strath Haven HS