4x100-meter relay: 
Strath Haven (L. Carter, K. Carter, Moore, Josh Hannum), 42.7. 
Harriton, 43.3. 
Upper Darby, 43.5.

Shuttle hurdle relay: 
Penncrest (Nichols, Schnaars, Anderson, Jeffreys), 1:05.8. 
Strath Haven, 1:06.8. 
Marple Newtown, 1:09.5.

4x200 relay: 
Strath Haven (Hannum, Moore, Calder, K. Carter), 1:31.5. 
Upper Darby, 1:32.4. 
Penncrest, 1:34.1.

4x400 relay: 
Strath Haven (Pagano, Hannum, Bartolomei, K. Carter), 3:28.0. 
Penncrest, 3:33.4. 
O'Hara, 3:36.0.

Sprint medley relay: 
Strath Haven (Aponte, Kennedy, Vassilev, Pagano), 3:41.3. 
Interboro, 3:45.9. 
Upper Darby, 3:45.9.

4x800 relay: 
Haverford High (S. Lang, Konopka, Dutch, M. Lang), 8:15.8. 
Strath Haven, 8:30.7. 
Harriton, 8:53.1.

4x1600-meter relay: 
Strath Haven (Coombs, Eberly, Haselberger, Pagano), 18:38.7. 
Penncrest, 19:01.8. 
Haverford High, 19:20.3.

Distance medley relay: 
Penncrest (Vincent, Craft, Schnaars, Espinosa), 11:11.6. 
Strath Haven, 11:22.9. 
Sun Valley, 11:33.7.

Long jump relay: 
Harriton (Calvallo and Mandich), 40-101/2. 
Upper Darby (Johnson and DeFelice), 39-0. 
O'Hara (O'Brien and Heygood), 37-101/2.

Triple jump relay: 
Haverford High (Mike Lang and Taylor), 80-93/4. 
Penncrest (Jones and Healey), 75-5. 
Upper Darby (Moran and Ruffenach), 74-13/4.

High jump relay: 
Strath Haven (Kennedy and Ellis), 11-4. 
Harriton (Jackson and Loadholt), 11-1. 
Penncrest (Hardy-Merritt and Serirra), 10-9.

Shot put relay: 
Upper Darby (Richards and Robinson), 90-51/2. 
Chichester (Clark and Johnson), 85-91/4. 
Penncrest (Becker and Yingling), 83-73/4.

Discus relay: 
Upper Darby (Robinson and Richards), 252-11. 
Chichester (Clark and Johnson), 229-5. 
Penncrest (Yingling and Becker), 210-11.

Javelin relay: 
Penncrest (Yingling and Becker), 253-1. 
Strath Haven (Smith and Diaz), 230-2. 
Springfield (Walsh and Furia), 240-0.

Pole vault relay: 
Penncrest (Buckson and Ohm), 22-6. 
Haverford (Amentt and Macnow), 21-6. 
Upper Darby (Drum and Jones), 19-6.