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The NTL junior high track and field championship meet will be held on Wednesday May 1st at Sayre High School starting at 4:00pm. Below is information regarding the meet.

Entries: The idea behind junior high sports programs is to promote participation, so there will be unlimited entries for this meet. Teams may enter as many athletes in an event as they want. However, only a schools top 3 finishers will score points. Teams are limited to 1 relay team per relay event. Athletes are limited to 4 events, including relays

Entry fee: To cover awards and cost of workers there will be a $110 per school entry fee made payable to Sayre High School

Scoring: Each teams top 3 participants only, in each event will score. For example, your team takes the top 6 places in an event, you will only score your top 3. Top 6 places will score points 10-8-6-4-2-1 for individual events, 10-8-6-4-2 for relays

Trials/Finals: All events are finals, there will be no trials. Field events - athletes will be given 3 jumps or throws.

Awards: The top 6 point scorers in each event will receive ribbons.

Concession stand will be open JUNIOR HIGH CHAMPIONSHIP


Entry deadline: Monday April 29th by noon. Entries will be done on the penntrack web site. I will forward link.

Order of events:
100m Hurdles
100m dash
1600m run
400m dash
400m relay
800m run
200m dash
1600m relay

Field events:

Open pit for long jump/ triple jump to follow
Boys shot/ followed by girls
Girls disc/followed by boys
Girls high jump/followed by boys

Registration help: