Meet Information

We regret to inform everyone that the LHU Invitation scheduled for tomorrow (FRIDAY, 4/19) has been postponed until Sunday, April 21st. It is predicted that some severe wind, rain, and thunderstorms are in the forecast, and rather than have teams get here and not compete, we felt it was best to move the meet to Sunday.

The predicted weather for Sunday is near 60 degrees, Sunny, and 0% chance of rain. Unfortunately, due to our own teams competition schedule, we are unable to hold the meet on Saturday.

An updated schedule and meet information (field events start at noon; track events begin at 1pm) is at the bottom of this email.

Additionally, we are now allowing FOUR entries in all events except the javelin and discus which will allow THREE entries.
First legal jumps and throws will be measured regardless of distance (this is a change from the original standards).

The Entry Deadline on Directathletics has been extended until Friday evening at 9pm.

Please call us with any questions (information below).

Also, please respond to this email to confirm if your teams will or will not be in attendance.


We apologize for any inconvenience this provides for you and your teams.

We hope to see you all at our future events!

Thank You.

Aaron Russell


Meet Information

& Entries: All rosters and entries will be done through Direct Athletics this year. Entry procedures will follow this mailing shortly. Please remember to enter times and distances for your athletes that are accurate and honest, and convert hand times to FAT by adding .30 to it. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 9:00PM ON FRIDAY, APRIL 19th. There is an entry limit of three (3) per event with the exception of discus and javelin the limit is (2) entries. (If there are any entry problems call Chad Warren at 570-484-2242).

Schedule: A time schedule has been enclosed. We will keep the meet running smoothly and
quickly, and will run ahead of schedule if possible.

Pick-up: Please pick up meet packet upon arrival. This will include heat sheets, schedules,
programs, and a receipt for entry fee payment.

Scratches: All scratches or changes are to be done through Direct Athletics by 9:00pm on Friday, April 19th, so we have full heats. Any scratches the day of the meet will result in heats having empty lanes. NO Additions the day of the meet!

Pole Vault: Please turn in your pole vault verification sheets, to the event official.

Rules: PIAA rules will apply.

Timing: Fully automatic timing will be used.

Scoring: The meet will score eight places (10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1).

Awards: Top three teams for Boys and Girls will receive a team trophy.

Facilities: The track is an eight lane rubberized surface. Runways, jumping areas,
and javelin approach are all rubberized. Shot and discus circles are
concrete. Spikes no longer than a inch may be worn. Locker rooms,
shower areas, and restrooms are available at the track.

Weigh-ins: All implement weigh-ins, will be at the pavilion behind the shot put area
between 12:30-1:45PM.

Minimum Long Jump - 18 (B) 14 (G) Shot Put - 38 (B) 28 (G)
Marks & Triple Jump - 37 (B) 30 (G) Discus - 110 (B) 80 (G)
Starting High Jump - 55 (B) 45 (G) Javelin - 135 (B) 80 (G)
Heights: Pole Vault - 106 (B) 80 (G)

*First legal jumps and throws in the shot put will be measured regardless of distance*
*All throws in the javelin and discus must meet the minimum marks to be measured*

Direct Chad Warren, Meet Director
Questions To: Office Phone: (570) 484-2242 Email:

Bald Eagle Invite
Event Schedule
Sunday, April 21, 2013

Starting Time Track Events (Girls followed by boys in all track events)
Starting Heights
High Jump 55 (B) 45 (G)
Pole Vault 106 (B) 80 (G)

Minimum Measurements
Long Jump 180 (B) 140 (G)
Triple Jump 370 (B) 300 (G)
Shot Put 380 (B) 280 (G)
Discus 110 (B) 80 (G)
Javelin 135 (B) 80 (G)
1:00 PM 2000 meter Steeple
3200 meter Relay
100m Hurdles
110m Hurdles
100m Dash
1600m Run
400m Dash
400m Relay
300m Hurdles
800m Run
* First legal jumps and throws will be measured regardless of distance.

200m Dash
3200m Run
1600m Relay

Starting Time Field Events
12:00 PM Long Jump Boys - North End
Girls - South End
Triple Jump Boys - South End (Following Long Jump)
Girls - North End (Following Long Jump)
High Jump Boys (Girls to Follow)
Shot Put Girls (boys to follow)
Discus Boys (girls to follow)
Javelin Girls (Following Boys Discus)
Javelin Boys (Following girls Javelin)
Pole Vault Girls (Boys to Follow)

LIMIT OF 4 ATHLETES PER EVENT (3 in the Javelin and Discus)