Public League Discus/Javelin Meet

Philadelphia, PA
Hosted by Northeast HS

Meet Information

With Mike Hawkins approval, I decided to run a throws meet at Northeast on Wednesday May 1st 2013.

It is a half day for report card conferences. The meet will start at 3:15pm at Northeast at the Javelin and Discus area.

Here are the rules of the meet:

2) There will be Boys and Girls Javelin and Discus
3) Max 3 entries per event and 4 Attempts per thrower
4) Minimum marks are as follows:
*****Girl Jav =40ft
*****Girl Disc = 40 ft
*****Boy Jav Minimum = 70ft
*****Boy Disc Minimum = 60ft
These minimums are 10% shorter than the pub it would allow kids to get a mark and get close marks in case we need to fill the field at Pub Champs.
5) Coaches or Team representative may be asked to help officiate.

You would be responsible for getting your athletes and implements(Javelins and Discus) to the meet on time.
I am marking the field so we can run the Javelin and Discus simultaneously. Monique White will be the PIAA official and also head of either Disc or Jav.

I am doing this meet so that kids who HAVE BEEN practicing can get a chance to throw. Please do NOT send anyone who has NOT practiced.

Please e-mail me if you are going to send throwers and how many per event.(if possible the distance you think they can throw in case we need to do flights).

Phil Monastra