PennTrackXC Elite Marks

Because of the volume of qualifying elite marks from the end of April through mid-May, we will be posting Elite Performances on the meet page prior to being added to the rankings database. Performances will be
added as soon as possible, beginning with the oldest meets first. Meets that supply results in HyTek HTML are added more
rapidly because we have a web tool that partially automates the process, saving about 75% of the time required to enter the
average meet. Thank you for your understanding. And keep those HyTek HTML results coming.

1F5CarterSimoneWest Catholic100 Meter Dash12.24
2F4PowellNicoleHenderson100 Meter Dash12.44p
3F6CavallaroBrianaAvon Grove100 Meter Dash12.55
4F3WilsonMeganFriends\' Central100 Meter Dash12.57p
5F2AdamsRichelleHenderson100 Meter Dash12.68
1F5KindellJeromeNorristown100 Meter Dash11.09
2F4WrightCameronConestoga100 Meter Dash11.10p
3F1WomackTreyMalvern100 Meter Dash11.22
4F2BrandtDrewMethacton100 Meter Dash11.29
5F6JacobsRussellHenderson100 Meter Dash11.30
1F4CarterSimoneWest Catholic200 Meter Dash25.02
2F5PowellNicoleHenderson200 Meter Dash25.48
3F3CavallaroBrianaAvon Grove200 Meter Dash25.98
424AdamsRichelleHenderson200 Meter Dash26.14p
4F2NinessAshleyConestoga200 Meter Dash26.22
1F4RobertsonNii-AmonC.F.S.200 Meter Dash22.21p
2F5WrightCameronConestoga200 Meter Dash22.34
3F6BrandtDrewMethacton200 Meter Dash22.90
4F3SchmittleinMichaelConestoga200 Meter Dash23.13p
543PirJaredOJR200 Meter Dash23.13p
5F8EllisBrandonNorristown200 Meter Dash23.24
144TaylorChristianaWest Catholic400 Meter Dash58.56
246NinessAshleyConestoga400 Meter Dash58.86
345WolfMeaganOJR400 Meter Dash59.00
443MolesEmilyConestoga400 Meter Dash59.60
548CroomsAlanaAvon Grove400 Meter Dash59.96
636CavallaroBrianaAvon Grove400 Meter Dash60.14
734Ladson-SingletonShakeyaNorristown400 Meter Dash60.67
841OhlinAshleyUpper Perk400 Meter Dash60.70
925RyanErinGwynedd Mercy400 Meter Dash60.78
1021LeeKaylaHenderson400 Meter Dash61.25
153EdlemanChrisOJR400 Meter Dash49.04
254RobertsonNii-AmonC.F.S.400 Meter Dash49.28
355MaletZackFriends\' Central400 Meter Dash50.18
451JohnsonLeighonSpring-Ford400 Meter Dash51.25
543DunnOscarNorristown400 Meter Dash51.33
644CisarikTylerUpper Perk400 Meter Dash51.47
756WatermanAlexGermantown Friends400 Meter Dash51.48
847O\'SullivanChrisMethacton400 Meter Dash51.90
958TaitChristoConestoga400 Meter Dash51.91
121ThomasLataviaWest Catholic800 Meter Run2:13.08
225BumpasTaylorGwynedd Mercy800 Meter Run2:17.65
324RyanMauraGwynedd Mercy800 Meter Run2:18.12
423CarrollBridgetVMA800 Meter Run2:18.52
528DurkeeMeganHenderson800 Meter Run2:19.42
627MerrickJackieHenderson800 Meter Run2:20.75
726McGonigleAudreyVMA800 Meter Run2:22.59
8210RachkoAnnieVMA800 Meter Run2:22.82
929RatasiewiczLyndseyUnionville800 Meter Run2:23.29
131RhodesElliotGA800 Meter Run1:56.11
232FultonBrianMalvern800 Meter Run1:57.04
337WeeksEliOJR800 Meter Run1:58.31
434FergusonTommyConestoga800 Meter Run1:59.55
5310SclafaniJohnDevon Prep800 Meter Run1:59.55
636EmmBenHenderson800 Meter Run1:59.78
738WylerEricOJR800 Meter Run2:00.08
833BrowneDanConestoga800 Meter Run2:00.25
9313RandallRichHenderson800 Meter Run2:00.75
122Davis-HayesCeciliaGermantown Friends School1600 Meter Run5:17.62
122AldrichChrisHenderson1600 Meter Run4:19.93
221FerryChrisHenderson1600 Meter Run4:20.87
327SclafaniJohnDevon Prep1600 Meter Run4:23.00
423KaulbachMaxGermantown Friends1600 Meter Run4:23.57
5210WylerEricOJR1600 Meter Run4:23.79
6211McLimonDannyOJR1600 Meter Run4:25.41
726McGoldrickKevinHenderson1600 Meter Run4:27.78
825EspedalTomHenderson1600 Meter Run4:27.84
111CostelloLizConestoga3200 Meter Run10:49.52
212HamondCarlyHenderson3200 Meter Run10:55.16
313KligmanHannahConestoga3200 Meter Run11:30.10
414McEldrewKellyGwynedd Mercy3200 Meter Run11:43.04
115DuffyBrianMalvern3200 Meter Run09:37.17
2118BurnsJamesAvon Grove3200 Meter Run09:41.34
313KaulbachMaxGermantown Friends3200 Meter Run09:43.98
411NorwoodMattDevon Prep3200 Meter Run09:44.34
5126RickettsFriends\' Central3200 Meter Run09:47.08
618WinterhalterPaulMalvern3200 Meter Run09:47.15
1F4MateckiMorganVMA100 Meter Hurdles15.98
135MateckiMorganVMA300 Meter Hurdles46.51
142PooleDustinSpring-Ford300 Meter Hurdles40.55
243GenuarioNickSpring-Ford300 Meter Hurdles40.72
345NaskoDanAvon Grove300 Meter Hurdles41.08
446KerntkeJaredUnionville300 Meter Hurdles41.32
548TischlerEzraHenderson300 Meter Hurdles41.99
126West Catholic4 x 100 Meter Relay50.57
227Friends\' Central4 x 100 Meter Relay50.84
325Avon Grove4 x 100 Meter Relay50.91
417Norristown4 x 100 Meter Relay51.42
515Upper Perk4 x 100 Meter Relay51.79
622VMA4 x 100 Meter Relay52.11
723Conestoga4 x 100 Meter Relay52.21
124Norristown4 x 100 Meter Relay43.30
222Henderson4 x 100 Meter Relay44.74
326Washington Township4 x 100 Meter Relay44.77
413Upper Perk4 x 100 Meter Relay45.19
124West Catholic4 x 400 Meter Relay4:00.12
225VMA4 x 400 Meter Relay 4:06.26
126OJR4 x 400 Meter Relay3:26.27
225Spring-Ford4 x 400 Meter Relay3:27.64
323Norristown4 x 400 Meter Relay3:27.77
112Friends\' Central4 x 800 Meter Relay8:12.00
211Washington Township4 x 800 Meter Relay8:14.00
1TaylorChristianaWest CatholicTriple Jump35.42
1TurnerMattGALong Jump21.67
1McCoyJeromeNorristownTriple Jump43.17
1RinehartGabriellaNorristownShot Put41.33
2OwensAlannaW.C. EastShot Put40.67
3EvansShanteHendersonShot Put37.00
1KeeneKwabeenaWashington TownshipShot Put52.42