Meet Information

Registration help:

Team Fee: $100 per gender

Small team: $15 per event
Payments Mail checks to Meet Director:
Joe Sacchetti
670 West Rolling Road
Springfield, PA 19064
Meet day payments accepted

In the individual events, there is unlimited entry. In relays, you may enter an "A" and "B'' squad if you choose.

Order of Track Events (Girls first, then Boys. All events are finals on time.)
5000 Meters (co-ed)
300 IMH
4 x 800
4 x 100
Middle School 4 x 100
4 x 400

In field events, the Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Javelin it is 4 attempts, no finals.

Field Event Order
(Starting at 4:30 PM)
Girls Pole Vault (Boys Follow)
Boys High Jump (Girls follow)
Girls Shot Put (Boys follow)
Boys Discus (Girls follow)
Long Jump (Co-Ed open Pit)

Triple Jump (Co-Ed Open Pit)
Boys Javelin opens after both discus competitions are complete. (Girls follow).

Team Not on the List?
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