10th Annual Red & Black Invitational 2016

East Stroudsburg, PA

Meet Information

Meet Info PDF

10th Annual ESU Red & Black Invitational

Friday April 22, 2016

Eiler-Martin Stadium

Enclosed is the meet schedule/information on our Red + Black Invitational (Friday, April 22nd).

ONLY high school athletes are eligible to compete. Best of luck with your season and please contact us with

1. Location: The outdoor facility is located in the heart of East Stroudsburg University. Leave route 80

at Exit 308, proceed north past the 1st traffic light and just past the Hospital parking lot turn right

onto Center Street. (1 way Street) At 2nd Stop sign turn sharp right up a small incline and go past the

stadium fence on your right to where you can pullover and unload to come in the East Gate of the

stadium. BUSES: once unloaded continue up Center St. to intersection of Smith St. Turn left and

make the 1st right and Park behind the Library (Large White Stone building on corner) in the large

Throws Location: ALL throwing events contested on fields behind building on corner of Normal and

2. Facility: 400-meter euro-tan surface. Eight 42 lanes around the entire track. We have dual

long/triple jump pits. Javelin is thrown off of an all-weather runway.

3. Dressing Facilities: Lockers and showers are not available. Valuables should be secured.

4. Equipment: Bring your own implements and poles. Blocks will be provided.

5. Shoes: Spikes 14 or less. Especially the javelin runway- shoes will be checked.

6. Entry Fee: $5.00 per event per individual/$15.00 per relay/Team entries: $175.00 per team ($350

combined boys and girls). Make check payable to East Stroudsburg University (if youre mailing it

ahead of time, please send it to:

Joe Koch

Track and Field Office


East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

7. Entry Procedure: Well be using Milesplit (access through PennTrack web-site)...entries due

Tuesday, April 19th by 6PM...5 max in running and 4 max in field events(shot, disc, jav, LJ, TJ) 3

attempts, no final in LJ TJ...relays are unlimited...PLEASE have your athletes check-in at first call so

we can keep the meet moving (field event at the site...running events clerked at tent beyond finish

line)...we CANNOT do any additions day of the meet...YOU MUST PRE-ENTER!!! COACHES


8. Awards: Medals to the top 6 in each individual event and top 3 for relays.

9. Well have a concession stand for food/t-shirts that will be open.

10. Well be having summer meets on Thursdays in June and July and Cross Country Camp (July 31- Aug

11. At the end of the meet please CLEAN UP your area!

12. We cannot hold up events for athletes competing in more than 1 event at the same time

Meet Scoring (top 6) 10-8-6-4-2-1... Winning teams receive trophies

Joe Koch

(570) 422-3054


10th Annual Red and Black Invitational

Friday, April 22, 2016

Meet Schedule

2:30 p.m. Boys Triple Jump (3 Jumps)

Girls Long Jump (3 Jumps)

Boys Javelin

Girls High Jump

Boys Pole Vault

Girls Shot Put

Boys Discus

4:00 p.m. (Approx.) Well start warm-ups/events immediately following the previous event.

Girls Triple Jump (3 Jumps)

Boys Long Jump (3 Jumps)

Girls Javelin

Boys High Jump

Girls Pole Vault

Boys Shot Put

Girls Discus

Running Events (order of events...will follow one after the other).

2:45 p.m. 4 x 800 Relay

100/110 Hurdles (Final on Time)

100 (Final on Time)

1600 Meters

400 Meters

4 x 100 Relay

300 Hurdles

800 Meters

200 Meters

3200 Meters

4x 400 Relay

* Girls event goes first

* LJ/TJ: 3 Jumps...No finals... Were having an open pit Boys TJ/Girls LJ 2:30-4pm and

your athletes receive a # and jump anytime during the open pit. 4pm (approx.) same

open pit for Boys LJ/Girls TJ

* Throws: 3 Attempts (No Finals)

* Entries: 5 running/4 field events...Relays unlimited. Report (clerk) at 1st call:

Field events at the site/running events at the tent past the finish line

* Final on time for ALL running events with more than 1 heat. Fast heat will go last.

o HJ 44 Girls 56 Boys

o PV 76 Girls 106 Boys

Red and Black Information Sheet

Below is the information for the 2016 Red and Black Invitational. We would like to

thank you for attending and are looking forward to having a successful meet.

1. PLEASE do scratches before the meet and throughout the competition.

2. ***Clerking runners report to the tent past finish line. Check-in at 1st call! ***

Field event check-in at the site.

3. 3 attempts in horizontal jumps and throws.

4. Results will be posted on the wall by the bathroom underneath the stands. Well try and have

them on our website by Friday Night (www.esuwarriors.com)/ Mile Split/ PennTrack

5. Top 6 Individuals/Top 3 Relays receive medals...Report to the table by the bathroom

7. Fill out relay cards with complete names (Girls yellow, Boys blue).

8. Team score: Top 6 (10-8-6-4-2-1) for Individuals & Relays/winning teams receive a trophy.

9. Our summer Cross Country camp are scheduled as follows:

o Cross Country Camp(Aug 2-7)

o Summer Meets (All-comer) Thursdays in June

-Weve enclosed brochures or our camps website has the info.

10. Athletic Trainer available at the clerk tent/throws area.

11. Due to the size of the meet, we cant hold events for competitors who do more than 1 event.

Therefore, no waiting for athletes in other events. Field events competitors can compete out of

order in their flight. All of the throwing events will be contested on the fields behind the

cafeteria. A map to the throwing area is enclosed.

12. Starting heights for HJ (44 girls/54 boys) PV (7 girls/10 boys).

13. Throwing minimums SP (24 girls/30 boys) Discus (70 girls/85 boys) Jav (70 girls/100

Jump Minimums LJ (14 girls/ 17 boys) TJ (24 girls/ 34 boys)

Well measure first legal attempt under minimums.

14. Girls running events will go first.

15. FASTEST heats will go LAST

16. Other athletic events will be going on during the meet, for safety reasons please caution your

athletes to be aware at all times!

17. In case of lightning well evacuate to: Zimbar Gym, Stroud Hall, School buses (Please Check

18. Please use enclosed garbage bags to clean up your area before you leave.


May need coaches help counting laps during the 3200

Registration help: