Meet Information

The 6th Annual Whippet Track and Field Invitational will be held on Friday, April 7th starting at 2:00 PM. The meet will be held at the Downingtown West High School 8-Lane Track & Field facility.

The entry fee for each team will be $200.00 (boys and girls combined) or $100.00 for each team of boys and girls.
** If you have a volunteer coach that would like to work the meet and get paid please email - we'd love to have knowledgeable, passionate coaches working the events.

This year we will be featuring a unique order of events so that we can offer unlimited individual track event entries to our teams. As an early season invitational our goal is to provide opportunities for as many of your athletes as possible all while maintaining a high-quality, competitive environment.

Relays limits are set at 2 teams per school. Throw and Jumps are set at 2 per school.

Order of Events:
100m/110m Hurdles
100m Dash

Jumping Events 4 Jumps / No Finals
Long Jump, Followed by Triple Jump (80m Open Pit)
High Jump (Boys, Then Girls)
Pole Vault (Girls, Then Boys)

Throwing Events
Girls Shot, Boys Discus
Boys Shot, Girls Discus
Javelin (Grass Runway)

The Chester County Running Store will be providing quick, accurate FAT (live) results.
Entries for this meet will be through
All PIAA rules will apply for this meet including the uniform rule.
Concessions and t-shirts will be sold throughout the meet.

Send Payment to:
Scott Burns
Downingtown West Track and Field
115 Rock Raymond Road
Downingtown, PA

Make Check Payable to:
Downingtown West Track and Field
Attention Scott Burns

Any questions please email:
Thank you
Scott Burns

Registration help: