Meet Information

    • Ursinus High School Open

      FloyLewis Bakes Center, Ursinus College


      Saturday,December 9th 2017

      Entry Fees

      15-30 events/gender - $200/gender

      Under 15 events/gender - $25/event& $30/relay

      31 and moreevents/gender - Additional $15/event


      The entry fees are based offentries.

      MeetFees must be paid on or prior to Meet Day - NO EXCEPTIONS

      Cash or Checks made payable to UrsinusCollege 


                      MailingAddress:                              UrsinusCollege

                                                                                      CarlBlickle - Athletics   

                                                                                      POBox 1000

                                                                                      Collegeville,PA 19426

              Entries via

              Entry deadline - Wednesday, December 6th at 11:59PM.

      •         Entries - 4 entries per school per gender per event, EXCEPT - Only 2entries per gender per school will be allowed in the 3000m Run, Long Jump,Triple Jump and 1 Relay per gender per school.
      •         You may request additional entries which may or may not be approved by meet management pending the field size and level of competitiveness of your entries.
      •         Please be accurate and realistic in submitting seed times/marks.       
      •         Athleteswith no seed time will be assigned the slower sections for all races.
      •         Only 1/4"spikes may be used on all running, horizontal jumping events and pole vault.
      •         Food and Drinks will be available for purchase atthe concessions stand.
      •         No Food or Drinks allowed in the track area.
      •         Meet T-Shirts will be available for purchase for $15.
      •         $5 admission for spectators.
      •         Coaches' Hospitality will be provided in the T&F office.

      Order of Events


         8:00am          Arena opens for warmup

         9:00am          Coaches Meeting          ***Meet@ Finish Line



            9:30am         LONG JUMP (3 jumps) - Girls followedby Boys                                  

                                     TRIPLEJUMP (3 jumps) - Girls followed by Boys                                 

                                      ***triple jump will start immediately followingLong Jump

           10:00am        SHOT PUT (4 throws)- Girls followed by Boys

            10:00am        POLE VAULT - Boys (s.h.-8'0") followed byGirls (s.h.-7'0")

           10:00am        HIGH JUMP - Boys (s.h.-5'3") followed by Girls (s.h.-4'3")


      RUNNING EVENTS - GIRLS followed by BOYS

            9:30am           DistanceMedley Relay (1200/400/800/1600)                      

                                      55m High Hurdles                                  ***top 12 times advance to 2 heat final

                                      55m Dash                                                ***top 12 times advance to 2 heat final

                                      4 x 200m Relay

                                      55mHigh Hurdles Finals (boys will run first)

                                      55mDash Finals                                                                                               

                                      Mile Run

                                      400m Dash

                                      800m Run

                                      200m Run

                                      3000m Run                                                                                                                        

                                      4 x 400m Relay                                                                                 



      •         If the athlete fails to check-in and/or declare - they will be scratched from the event.
      •         An athlete who is in two events simultaneously should check in to both events.
      •         200m Dash is being contested on a"Declaration Basis".  Athletes need to report to the check-in area on 1st call and declare themselves eligible for the event.  After all check-ins - the event will be seeded and lane & heat assignments will be announced and hip numbers provided.
      •         Blocks permitted ONLY in 55m High Hurdle Finals and 55m Dash Finals.
      •         Shot Put is thrown from a wooden surface. No spikes allowed in high jump.
      •         Whenever possible, we will run ahead of schedule. An updated schedule will be provided on the day of the meet.



      Contact Info:                           Carl Blickle                              Crystal Bacon

                                                       Head T&F/XC Coach               Associate T&F/XC Coach

                                                       (610) 409-3457                       (610) 409-3253