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Please see the meet information for an updated order of events. In addition to the Novice Discus competition there will also be a Novice Javelin Competition. See the meet information for details and an updated throwing order of events.

If you are interested in entering the novice throwing competitions, please email by 11:59 on Thursday 4/12

Meet Entry Information

2018 Entry Information

Boys or Girls Team -$115, $230 for Both boys and girls

Individual- $10

Relays - $20

Revised Order of Event 2018

Track Events(Start at9:00)

100/110m H Trial

100m Dash Trial

3200m Run

200m Trial

DMR 1200-400-800-1600

100/110m H Final

100m Dash Final

400 Dash

800 Run

1600 Run


300m H

4 x 800

200 Final

Freshman/Sophomore 4 x 200


In all track events, the girls will compete first followed by the boys. All heats will run slow to fast.

Field Events

Throwing Events (4 Throws, No Finals)


Boys Shot Put (35' min), followed by Javelin(130' min), followed by Discus (100' min)

Girls Javelin(70' min, followed by Discus(65' min), followed by Shot Put(23' min)

Novice Throwing Events


Boys and Girls Novice Discus

1:00-2:00*The Novice Javelin will not begin until the conclusion of the Boy's Javelin*

Boys and Girls Novice Javelin

Horizontal Jumps (Open Pit, 4 Jumps, No Finals)


Boys Long Jump

Girls Triple Jump


Boys Triple Jump

Girls Long Jump

High Jump-9:00Starting Height girls:4'4"; boys5'4"

Boys followed by Girls

Pole Vault -9:00Starting Height7'; boys9'

Girls followed by boys