UAGTCA's Ron Jackson Youth Invitational

Chester, PA

Meet Information

UAGTCA's Ron Jackson Youth Invitational

July 20-22, 2018

Widener University Athletic Complex

Leslie C. Quick Stadium

One University Place

Chester, PA 19013


The informationbelow includes General Information about the UAGTCA's Ron Jackson YouthInvitational meet. It is important to also refer to the UAGTCA website formore in depth and additional

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Entry Deadline: Monday, July 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM

The UAGTCA Youth Invitational is sanctioned by USATFand is governed by the currentUSA Track&FieldRulesofCompetition exceptas stated otherwise in this meet information.


Although the daily order of events will not change be aware that the meet may run up to 1 hour ahead of the published schedule. This is due mostly to scratches and the possible cancellation of somepreliminary events. The schedule reflects the start of an event category. Theexacttime ofa particular division cannot be published and athletes, parents and coaches shouldmonitor the progress of the competition. Every attempt will be made to adhereto the posted schedule but past meets have run on or ahead of schedule formost events. Please plan accordingly. Every attempt will be made to announce, via the public address system when an event is being checked in but pleaseremember that these announcements are ONLY a courtesy and It is ultimatelythe responsibility of the athlete to be present at the venue or, in thecase of a running event, at the clerking tent when their event is being checkedin. Athletes are requested to check-in on thefirst callfor theirevent.

Entry Fees

$9.00 perIndividual event

$30.00 per Relay event

PaymentMust be made viaPayPal byMonday,July 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM

Entry Deadline

All entriesmust be entered by Monday, July 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM.There are no provisionsfor Late Entries.Age Divisions

Age Division is determined by theathletes' age as of December 31st.

Division: Athlete Born in:

8 & Under* 2010 - 2013
9-10 2008 - 2009
11-12 2006 - 2007
13-14 2004 - 2005
15-16 2002 - 2003
17-19 1999 - 2001
*Minimum competition age is 5years.

Event Limits

8& Under, 9-10 and 11-12 Division Athletes - may enter amaximum of 3 Eventsincluding


13-14, 15-16 and 17-19 Division Athletes - may enter amaximum of 4 Eventsincluding


Birth Verification

Birth date verification documentation must be received by Monday, July 16, 2018 at 10:00

.Senddocuments to:

Stadium Facilities

Widener's Athletic Complexis one of themost complete facilities in the Chester / Philadelphia Area. With an externalThrowing complex, spectators will have an up close viewing area and access tothe competition. We have gone to great lengthsto ensure that thecompetition venues are certified for record performances and athletes can feelequally confident that their performance will be given full consideration byall certifying organizations.Leslie

C. Quick Stadium
has a recentlyrefurbished 8 lane tartan surface with excellent site lines from all points

inside the stadium. Only inch or shorter pin spikes may be used on the track.While Tents are permitted in the upper level of the stadium no tents will bepermitted in the lower stands closest to the track or around the perimeter of

the track. Security guards will monitor the placement of all tents and will askall violators of these placement rules to remove their tents.

Entry & Registration

The Ron Jackson Youth Invitational is open to all athletes whowill not reach their 19th birthday prior to the final day of the USA Track& Field National Junior Olympic Competition.They are permitted to compete in the Young

Women's and Young Men's divisions. The age divisions are defined in the currentUSATF Rules of Competition. These rules also govern the conduct of this competition. However, membership in USA Track & Field or AAU is not a requirement for entry into this competition. Entry into this meet is only via our Online Entry system. The entry deadline for this meet is Monday July 16, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

Admission and Parking

Admission to the complex isfree of chargethroughoutthe competition. There are several parking areas surrounding the complex andparking in those lots is alsofree of charge. Access may berestricted to some lots due to weather conditions and this should be taken intoconsideration when making plans. There is a specific marked parking area thatis reserved for competition officials and meet personnel only. Parking is notpermitted in this area without proper credentials. Handicapped Parking is onlyavailable outside of the Field House on a first come, first served basis. Wewill allow vehicles transporting handicapped persons to proceed to the stadiumentrance for unloading purposes. They must return, however, to park in thedesignated areas. Violators will be fined and towed at the owner's expense.

Event Check-in

The event check-in tent is located on the stadium infield. Accessis controlled and only competing athletes are permitted in the area. Everyattempt will be made to make announcements for upcoming events via the public

address system. However, actual event clerk-in calls are made at the clerking tent and it is thesole responsibilityof the athlete tomonitor the events on the track and the calls being made at the clerking tent. Please report on the first call whenever possible. The area directly in front of the Clerking tent is only designed for final warm-up exercises and hurdlepreparation. All field events are checked in at their venue.

Athletes with Special Needs

The UAGTCA will take special care to address the needs of athletesrequiring special care during our competitions. We ask that that the coach orindividual accompanying the athlete to the clerking area advise the clerk that

the athlete has a Special Need. Please identify the athlete and the Need and donot assume that the clerk is automatically aware of the 'NEED'. While everyreasonable effort will be made to accommodate the athlete, it is the soleresponsibility of the coach to see to it that we are made aware of the situation.

Competition Bib Numbers

All bib numbers must be worn on the front of the uniform and mustbe secured by 4 pins. Lost or mutilated bib numbers must be replaced withofficially issued replacement bib numbers. The cost of replacing a lost or

mutilated bib number is $5.00 per number.

Spike Length Restrictions

The maximum spike length permitted is 1/4 inch. Spikes will beinspected in the Clerking area and non-compliant athletes will not be permitted to compete.

Information and Lost & Found Desk

There will be an information Tent located in the stands beneaththe pressbox near the mezzanine level entrance of the stadium to answer generalquestions about the meet. The Information desk will also be the point ofcontact for lost and found articles and the pick-up & submission ofofficial protest forms. Field entry passes must also be secured at this desk.


All protests must besubmitted at the Information Desk, in writing, accompanied with a protest feeof $50.00. We do not honor general requests to view finish line photos unlessthey are part of a protest. The protest fee will be refunded if the protest isupheld. Only protests regarding a specific violation of the currentUSATFRulesofCompetitionwill be accepted. Itis the responsibility of the individual submitting the protest to site thespecific rule in violation. Judgment calls of the officials cannot be protestedand therefore will not be accepted. The meet referee will rule on all protests.The decision of the Meet Referee, with cause,may be reviewed by the Juryof Appeals. AllNon-competition related issues will be decided by the MeetDirector or appropriate Games Committee personnel. All decisions of thoseindividuals are final and may not be appealed.

Facility Notes

  • The Javelin Runway surface isTartan and located outside of the stadium. (appropriate footwear should be


  • The Discus, Shot & Hammercircles are brushed concrete and are also located outside of the stadium.

  • The maximum Spike length permittedon the track is 1/4" (Inspections will be made at check-in) No event

    will be delayed because of inappropriate footwear.

  • Tents will ONLY be permitted in theupper rows of the stadium stands. Security Guards will monitor all tent


  • The Awards Podium and Clerking tentare located on the stadium infield. Access is restricted to affected

    athletes only. No private photographers permitted on the infield.

  • The Stadium stands, Clerking areaand the Track & Field competition areas areNo

    Smokingareas. Violators will be asked to vacate the premises.


CustomizedMedals - 1st through 8th Place

OutstandingMale and Female Plaques in each Division

OverallMale Team Trophy in Each Division

OverallFemale Team Trophy in Each Division

OverallMale Team Trophy in All Divisions Combined

OverallFemale Team Trophy in All Divisions Combined

OverallTeam Trophy - All Male and Female Divisions Combined

We make every effort topresent all awards on our infield awards podium immediately following the

conclusion of each event. Athletes are asked to report to the infield awardsholding area after their race where awards are presented.

Team Awards and Outstandingathlete awards are presented at the conclusion of the meet. Outstanding Male

& Female performers are chosen by a selection panel appointed by the GamesCommittee prior to the start of competition. The decisions of the selectionpanel are final and cannot be appealed. Selections are based on individualperformances as they compare to other significant Invitational and Nationalperformances as well as to the currentUAGTCA Ron Jackson Invitationaland
USATF Youth Nationalrecords within the division being

considered. Relay performance is given no more consideration than anyindividual performance and can be included in the panel deliberations. Thedecision of the panel is final and cannot be appealed.

Press Credentials

Anyone requiringPRESS CREDENTIALSplease contact for Press & Photographer credentials via e-mail at least oneweek prior to the meet. When requesting credentials please indicate whether youare a photographer or print media and which organization you represent. Everyattempt will be made to honor your request.No private photographersare permitted in the track or fieldcompetition areas without appropriate credentials. Those approved should contact the Registration Table to securetheir credentials.

General Competition Information -Eligibility

This meet is open to athletes who meet the age requirementsspecified herein by 12/31/2018. The event entry limit is four events, includingrelays, for age groups 13-14 thru 17-19. Athletes in age divisions 8&U thru11-12 may only compete in a maximum of three events including relays. There areno performance standards required for this meet butentrants are expected to perform relatively close to their entryseed mark. Teams that fail to meet this requirement willnot be accepted into future UAGI competitions.

General Running Event information -Event Seeding

Heat placements are based upon the reported seed time of eachathlete. We ask that coaches and athletes submit accurate up-to-date seed timesso that the most competitive heats may be formed. Teams with athletes who do

not perform reasonably close to submitted seed times will not be permitted toenter future UAGTCA Youth Invitationals.


The fees for all Relays have been reduced to encourage greaterparticipation.A maximum of tworelay teams, 'A' and "B', per event per age division will be allowed. Fourrunners must be selected for each relay. You may substitute a maximum of tworunners from the entered athletes. Substitutes may be selected from athleteswho are on your roster, entered in the meet and have not exceeded the eventlimitations for the meet. Coaches may scratch an athlete from an individualevent that has not been contested in order to meet event limitationrequirements. Teams seeking to use substitutions must report to the informationdesk at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled start of the event to request an'Addition Card' to allow the substitution to be made.

The Mother, Fathers, Mixed & Coaches Relayis a no entry fee special event that has become very popular.

Awards are given to all participants. We ask that all rules be reviewed beforeentering a team.All eligibility

decisions will be decided by the Meet Referee. An entry card is included in theregistration packet of each participating team. This entry card must be turnedin to the Information Desk by 4:00 pm on Saturday.


The 2000 meter Steeplechase is contested under the provisions ofRule 167 of theUSATFRules of Completion. The 2000 meter Steeplechase will have 18hurdle jumps and 5 water jumps. There will be 5 jumps per lap after the finishline has been crossed for the first time. The water jump will be the fourth.


Results for all completed events are posted online as they occur.Go toInstant Resultsduring the meet to get completed events. Theresults for a particular event will not be available until all heats from theentire age division are completed. It is important to note that no event resultis official until it has been posted on our site. There will be no resultsposted at the Stadium unless there is an emergency.

General Field Event information

In the Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw and theHammer Throw each athlete will be allowed three qualifying attempts. The top 8athletes will advance to the finals where three additional attempts will bepermitted. If a total of 8 or fewer athletes' check-in, then each athlete willbe permitted 4 attempts. Flights will proceed from lowest to highest seedmark.


See the UAGTCA website for details.

Only the Batons and starting blocks supplied by the meet may beused. No personal batons or starting blocks will be permitted. The use ofstarting blocks will be in accordance with USATF rule 302.2.d. Meet suppliedfield event implements will be available. Personal implements that comply withthe required specifications may also be used, subject to a loss of identityduring the competition. All Personal implementsmustbeweighed & measured prior to the competition. The weigh-in station will bein the field house. Weigh-in times will be posted at Registration. Personaljavelins and poles are exempt from the loss of identity rule. Allvaultersmustbring their own poles. Absolutely nosharing of poles will be permitted. No poles will be supplied by meetmanagement. All poles must pass the safety inspections conducted by the Weights& Measures Chief.

High Jump and Long JumpCompetition

The High Jump and Long Jump are held at venues on or adjacent tothe stadium infield. Only active competing athletes are permitted in the areaduring competition. Warm-ups are allowed 1/2 hour before the event is scheduled

to begin and coaches are permitted to assist athletes during this period. Afinal time schedule will be posted on this web site when all entries arereceived (there is a small coaches viewing Box provided).

Shot Put Competition

Spectators are welcome to observe the shot put competition. Thethrowing Areas are located immediately off the perimeter path leading to thestadium. There is very limited Bleacher seating available.

Hammer, Javelin, and Discus Competition

The Hammer, Discus, Javelin, and Turbo-Javelin competitions areheld at their respective venues located immediately off the perimeter pathleading to the stadium. The area is opened to spectators but there are nostands available during the competition.Please observe the flagging and use extreme cautionwhen going to and from these areas. The Javelin areahas a tartan runway and the Hammer & Discus circles are brushed concrete.Appropriate footwear should be considered. There is very limited bleacherseating available.

Pole Vault Competition

Only competitors are allowed in the pole vault area. (Thereis a small area for viewing outside the fence surrounding the pole vaultrunways.) The Pole Vault competition is visible from the stands on the outsideof the track (there is also a small coaches box provided).

Inclement Weather Considerations

We will make every attempt to contest all events in their regularoutdoor venue but In the event of inclement weather some scheduling changes mayoccur and some of the Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump or Pole Vaultcompetitions may be held in the Field House. We will advise competitors duringthe meet and on this web site if this change of venue should become necessary.


Warm-up for all running, walking & hurdle events will takeplace in the designated warm-up area. The primary warm-up area arethe fields near the main throwing area outside of the stadium. Athletes shouldbe aware of the discus and javelin competitions that may be in progress on thefields that are near the designated warm-up area. Please take care travellingto and from these areas during the Discus & Javelin competitions.

Medical Tent

The main medical tent is located on the far side of the track nearthe finish line. These tents are manned by certified athletic trainers and aredesigned to address only basic competition injuries and render first aid incase of emergency. There are several Hospital emergency centers within minutesof the complex in the event of a more serious injury. Free bottled water willbe available to all active athletes throughout the competition. Auniformand a meet-issued Competition bib number will be required.

Vending & Concessions

The mezzanine level of the stadium complex and the areaimmediately surrounding the stadium entrance is set up as a vending andconcession area. No spectator chairs, tents or motorized vehicles are permittedin this area at any time during the competition. The vending area has a varietyof track and field paraphernalia available for sale. Those interested invending opportunities should contact the Vendor Coordinator

The year 2018 is the 13th Annual UAGTCA YouthInvitational, which has been renamed the Ron Jackson Youth

Invitational, inmemory of and appreciation for Ron Jackson, the Invitational's originator andadministrator.

Why the UAGTCA Ron Jackson Youth Invitational?

  • Youth Athletes are our Primary concern

  • A Reliable& Comfortable competition schedule

  • Domestic& International Competitors

  • All standardIndividual Youth Athletics events contested

  • A newlyresurfaced 8 lane track & infield

  • First-ClassField Event venues.

  • Run in aNational Championship setting

  • Certified& knowledgeable USATF officials

  • GreatCustomizedAwardswith Highlighted Podium presentation

  • Comfortablestadium viewing & seating-seats 5000

  • InstantResults on customized scoreboards built & designed for the UAGTCA

  • AffordableFood Concessions & Track related Vending area

  • PhiladelphiaInternational Airport located within minutes of the track

  • Affordable nationalhotel chains within minutes of the track

  • Closeproximity to shopping and entertainment

  • Short driveto downtown Philadelphia & Historic U.S. sites

  • Easy tolocate stadium complex right off I-95

  • FREE on-siteparking and admission.

  • USATFsanctioned
  • Once again, we are pleased to be at Leslie C. Quick Stadium on thecampus of Widener University. Their new Mondo surface on the track, installedin 2015, has lived up to its billing, so we are looking forward to more somegreat times. Past meets have met all of our posted expectations and we lookforward to many more exciting performances. We have received great commentsfrom the teams and athletes that attended the previous meets and regrets frommany who missed the event. Our 2017 meet may have been, by many estimates, ourbest effort to date and we thank the staff at Widener University for theirgraciousness during our stay. The competition was excellent and, as usual, themeet ran on schedule and, in some cases, as much as 40 minutes ahead of theposted event times. Athletes are still asked to monitor the event board infront of the clerking tent and pay close attention to the progress of events onthe track. Athletes are also reminded to monitor the throwing venues that arelocated outside of the stadium.

Our 13th anniversary meet promises to be another very specialevent. We will look backwards as well as forward as we try to improve on oursuccesses and correct any past shortfalls that have been identified. We areextremely pleased that our Mothers, Dads & Coaches Relay event has becomeso popular. We feel that we have become and intend to remain one of the premiersummer youth meets on the East Coast and beyond.