Meet Information

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Order of Events:

10:00 AM

Coaches Meeting at Finish Line

10:30 AM

Javelin (Boys and Girls simultaneous)

Long Jump (Boys and Girls, simultaneous)

Pole Vault (Girls then Boys)

High Jump (Girls then Boys)

Triple Jump (Boys and Girls), simultaneously after Long Jump

Shot Put (Boys then Girls) after Jav.

Discus (Girls then Boys) after Jav.

11:00 AM

3200m (slow heats only, if necessary)

11:30 AM

110m/100m Hurdles (trials)

100m (trials)

4 x 800m (finals)

110m/100m Hurdles (finals)

100m (finals)

1600m (final heats on time)

4 x 100m (final heats on time)

400m (final heats on time)

300m Hurdles (final heats on time)

800m (final heats on time)

200m (final heats on time)

3200m (fast heats, final heats on time)

4 x 400m (final heats on time)


Rules: National Federation

Scratch rule: An athlete who scratches from one event will be scratched from all subsequent events at the meet. If a relay team is scratched, one individual on that team must scratch from all subsequent events at the meet.


Individuals: 10 8 6 4 3 2 1

Relays: 10 8 6 4 3 2 1

Participation: An athlete may compete in at most four events.

Field Events:

Pole Vault:

Boys opening height 9 0

Girls opening height 6 6

6 increment increase

High Jump:

Boys opening height 5 6

Girls opening height 4 4

2 increment increase

Long Jump, Triple Jump:

3 preliminary jumps per person

Top 8 advance to the finals for 3 more jumps

Javelin, Shot Put, Discus:

3 preliminary throws per person

Top 8 advance to the finals for 3 more throws

Running Events

Boys will precede girls in all running events.

Fastest heats will compete last, except in the trials.

In the 110m/100m hurdles and 100m, the fastest 8 times will advance to finals.