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The information below includes General Information about the UAGTCA Outdoor Championship Meet. It is important to also refer to the UAGTCA website for more in depth and additional information:

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2018 Outdoor Championship meet PERFORMANCE STANDARDS can be located on the UAGTCA website by clicking on the "Meet Information" tab and then click on the "Outdoor Championship" tab.

An athlete must complete an event at least once ( i.e. Athlete must have made a valid qualifying mark and not have been disqualified ) during one of the four preliminary meets in order to qualify for that event in the Championship meet. The mark, in addition, must meet or exceed the established event qualifying standard for that event and age division in order to be considered. Although the UAGTCA attempts to schedule events twice during the 4 preliminary meets, we make no guarantee that all events will actually be held twice. We strongly advise all athletes to participate in the event that they intend to run in the championship the first time it is offered. Seeding for the Championship will be based solely on marks achieved during our 2018 preliminary meets. We do not accept outside marks for the Championship regardless of source. The UAGTCA Event limitations will be in effect for all meets. Alternates to relays are the only athletes who are permitted to compete in the Championship meet without having competed previously. However, all other participation criteria must be met. These athletes will only be permitted to participate on a relay if the team has previously qualified for that relay in one of the 4 preliminary meets. An athlete cannot have switched affiliation from another club or have competed Unattached after UAGTCA Outdoor Development Meet #2.

HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES who have NOT participated in any of the 2018 Outdoor Meets (Meet #1, #2, #3 or #4) can participate in the UAGTCA Championship meet only as part of a Relay, not an individual event. Each High School athlete MUST STILL BE BIRTH VERIFIED.

Athletes must be pre-entered in order to participate in any of the UAGTCA meets.

Birth verification for all athletes new to the UAGTCA must be submitted to UAGTCA birth verifier at no later than 9:00pm EST the Thursday preceding the Championship meet.

Entries and fees must be entered and paid no later than 11:00pm EST the Thursday preceding the Championship meet.

Performance List will be posted on the UAGTCA website the Thursday preceding each meet and must be confirmed by coaches no later than 6:00pm EST, on Thursday preceding the meet.

Entries that do not meet these deadlines will automatically be removed from the meet. There absolutely will be no entries accepted on the day of the meet. Past participation levels have always been very high and we anticipate similar numbers in 2018. Therefore, you are strongly advised to create a MileSplit account, register, complete your roster and, where necessary, have your athlete's ages verified early (you will be unable to enter your athletes in any meet until they are verified).

Once you have submitted and paid for your entries by the entry deadline, no changes will be permitted. There are no fee refunds or transfers permitted unless an event is officially cancelled by the UAGTCA, in which case, based on the circumstances, a refund or credit will be issued. Only entries confirmed and paid for by these Deadlines will be processed. All unconfirmed or unpaid for entries may be removed from the meet without notification. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

You are encouraged to register early so that we have sufficient time to resolve any last-minute difficulties that may occur.


Visit the UAGTCA website for Step-by-Step instructions on Meet Registration.

The age of all athletes under 19 must be verified by the UAGTCA Birth Verifier prior to being entered into any meet event. The UAGTCA accepts copies of Passports, Birth Certificates, School Records and other official documents that clearly show the athletes date of birth. The UAGTCA Birth Verifier will make the final determination as to the appropriateness of the document provided.



Example: Birth Certificate identifies name as "Joseph Blow"

Entry in MileSplit MUST MATCH birth verification document; DO NOT ENTER ATHELETE AS Joe" Blow

NOTE: The entry will be REJECTED as wrong name!

Athlete entry in MileSplit must note "Joseph Blow" --- NOT "Joe Blow". Athletes first and last names should be shown on the roster as they appear on the verification documents submitted. Middle initials and nicknames should not be used.

Submit birth verification request and documents to


Age Determination as of December 31, 2018

8 & Under Division = 2010 or later

9 & 10 Division = 2009 or 2008

11 & 12 Division = 2007 or 2006

13 & 14 Division = 2005 or 2004

15 & 16 Division = 2003 or 2002

Open Division (17 Years Old & Over) = 2001 or Earlier

COMPETITION RULES: (USATF 2018 Sanctioned Event)

These meets are governed by the current USATF Rules of Competition except very limited circumstances the UAGTCA Rules state differently.

The following rules must be adhered to when submitting Birth Certificates for Verification:

Do NOT fax age verification documents unless instructed to do so by the verifier.

We recommend that you submit age verification documents as a PDF or image document as an e-mail attachment.

Email UAGTCA Age Verifier for a comprehensive list of your teams birth verified roster.

All requests received after the deadline will be processed for the future meets.

The name of all athletes that you are requesting age verification for, must already appear on your roster.

All actual meet entries must be made via Paper or e-mailed entries will not be accepted.


Results will normally be available on the UAGTCA website at no later than by the Tuesday following each meet. In most cases, however, they every attempt will be made to make results available earlier. You are also able to view Real-Time Results during each meet by following clicking on the Live Results link on the UAGTCA website.

Any errors in the results must be reported within one week of their being posted on the UAGTCA website. Any error not reported within this time frame will be corrected but may not be included for championship seeding purposes. The final responsibility to report all errors belongs with the Coach/Athlete.


If you are not with a club (i.e. Unattached), you must still enter at and all rules and entry deadlines apply.


A $1.00 fee will be assessed for the Initial Competition Number provided to each athlete. This one time fee will be invoiced separately from the entry fee and must be paid, in cash, at the registration table on the day of the meet. This and replacement numbers are the only cash transactions that will be handled at the meet. You are required to pay for all new competitor numbers provided. if requested (in-writing or via e-mail at beforehand, the $1.00 bib fees can be paid in advance of the day of the meet.


$8.00 Per Individual Event

$28.00 Per Relay Event

A $2.00 fee will be assed for replacing any lost or damaged competition number. (Only UAGTCA stamped replacement numbers may be used)


Any club or individual who submits a check that is returned will be required to pay by credit card, cash or money order for future entries. All entries not paid for by the payment deadline will be removed from the meet and the User and Club will be placed on the Non-payers list. Users and Clubs on the Non-Payers list will not be permitted to participate in any other UAGTCA meet until the outstanding debt is satisfied.


An athlete may enter a maximum of 3 events, 1 of which must be a field or relay event. You may enter no more than 2 individual running events. Event limitations for these meets will be strictly enforced. Violation of this rule the first time will result in the suspension of that athlete for one meet. Violation of the rule a second time by the same club or athlete will result in the suspension of the club for the series.


The UAGTCA utilizes Finish Lynx timing provided by Marc Logue of Pioneer Timing for all of our meets. All times are fully automatic (FAT). Individual times are only available online after the official results are posted. No individual times are provided at the meets. Results are, however, uploaded to the web as each event is completed. Disputes are resolved by the Meet Referee after a formal protest has been lodged and the decision of Meet Referee is final. There is no Jury of Appeals and no informal photo reviews will be conducted.

FIELD IMPLEMENTS: Refer to the UAGTCA website for specific implements/weights


There will be 3 attempts permitted in the Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Javelin Throw. In the long Jump there will be only one additional board added per division.


Athletes must be at least 7 years of age, on the day of the meet, in order to participate in the 800 Meter Run or 1500 Meter Run. Athletes must be at least 5 years of age by 12/31/2018 in order to participate in all other events. An Athlete May NOT Compete Outside of Their Age Division or Gender


Championship Meet - Medals 1st - 3rd Place / Ribbons 4th 6th Place

Awards for each meet are distributed at the meet, including the Championship meet.

During the Championship meet, a trophy will be awarded to the first and second place team in each male and female age division.

Special Awards:

The top three (3) Outstanding Male and Female Athletes in each division will be honored at the Championship meet based on points earned during the four preliminary meets only. Points are earned for each event on a 10-8-6-4-2-1 point basis for 1st - 6th place finishes respectively. Relay points are awarded to the top 3 teams on a 12-8-4 point basis and are split equally among the 4 team members. In addition, 10 bonus points are awarded for any performance that breaks (not ties) the current UAGTCA Meet Record for that event. If multiple athletes break the current record then each is awarded bonus points. If no current record exists then no bonus points are awarded regardless of the performance.

The top 2 teams in each division will receive a trophy based on scoring in the Championship meet. Scoring is on a 10-8-6-4-2-1 point basis for 1st - 6th place finishers respectively. Relays are scored as individual events in the Championship meet.

Awards that are not given out at the meet can be picked up locally or they will be sent to the Club contact at the conclusion of the series. Please remember that this is a manual process and can take up to 3 weeks. We will attempt to mail ribbons only once. You may contact Robin Stovall at with questions regarding awards.