Rock Relays

Slippery Rock, PA

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General Notes: SRU Track and Field is proud to host the Rock Relays SRU High School Invt. Coaches if you are interested in attending this meet please confirm with Bill Jordan at no later than April 2nd, 2019.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is $175 per team ($350 both genders) and $20 for individual entries.

Please make checks out to Slippery Rock University Track and Field.

Entry Procedures: Submitted all entries on PA Milesplit by 8:00pm, Tuesday April 16, 2019.

No late entries will be accepted. Only enter actual marks from current season or last season, no estimating. Convert all hand times to FAT by adding .24. Incorrectly, entered marks will be changed to No Time or No Distance.

Entry Limitations: All schools will be allowed to enter three individuals and one relay per event.

Packet Pickup: Coaches my pick up their team packet at the clerking tent starting at 8am. Any unpaid entire fees should be paid at this time.

Athlete Declaration: In an effort to streamline the meet, all running events will be seeded on the fly. Coaches are responsible for declaring all running event entries. Any athlete who is not declared as running will be scratched. Declarations will take place at the timing tent. Field events athletes do not need to declare for their events. All field athletes must check in 30 min before start of first flight.

Declaration Schedule:

8:00am -9:00am (3200m, 4 x 800m, 100/110m Hurdles, 100m, 1600m)

Before Start of 1600m (4 x 100m Relay, 400m, 300m Hurdles, 800m)

Before Start of 800m (200m, 2K Steeplechase, 4 x 400m Relay)

Clerking: Following the declaration period, heat sheets will be posted at the clerking tent for athletes and coaches to review. All running events will receive hip numbers. Athletes need to report to the clerking tent at least 10min prior to the start of their race to receive hip numbers. Athletes will report to the start line of their respective event once they have revived their hip number and heat assignment.

Spikes: 1/4 inch pyramid spikes only.

Infield Access: Coaches will have access to the infield of the stadium throughout the meet for coaching of student athletes. Athletes may warm up on the infield of the stadium but are asked to leave the infield area following the conclusion of their event. No spectators or non-competing athletes will be allowed on the infield at any time. Coaches and athletes will only be able to enter the infield through the clerking tent at the scoreboard end of the stadium.

Awards: Medals will be awarded to the top three individuals and relays in each event. Only the top three individuals/ teams will stand on the awards podium. All awards will take place at the finish line end of the stadium. The winner of each event will have the honor of standing atop The Rock of Slippery Rock University. Team scoring will be based upon the top eight performances in each event. No classifications will be used for team or individual scoring, all athletes will compete together. Please assist us with getting your athletes to the awards podium ASAP.

Blocks: SRU will provide traditional starting blocks for all sprinting events. Athletes using Moyas blocks should bring their own. Only athletes using Moyas blocks will be allowed to change blocks.

Locker Rooms: Due to the size of this meet, no locker rooms will be provided. Restrooms are located at both ends of the stadium.

Competition Format: All running events will be seeded based on time and conducted as a timed final. The top 9 field event athletes will advance to a final.

Pole Vault: Pole-vault will be broken up into developmental and championship flights. Developmental athletes will jump off of a standard runway. Championship athletes will jump from a raised runway. Athletes will warm up on the vacant runway, during the preceding competition. As soon as the preceding competition is over the officials will switch runways and begin the competition.

Pole Vaulter Certification & Declaration: All Pole-vaulters must check in with the Head Official between 8:30am and 9:15am. Please present vaulter certification to Head Official when checking in. athletes will be informed of their flight flowing the conclusion of check ins

Long Jump: Slippery Rock University has constructed a new 140 foot long jump runway located at the scoreboard end of the stadium. All long jumps will take place on this runway.

Triple Jump: There are two Triple jump pits at the stadium; both are located outside the track on the home side of the bleachers. We will utilize the runway that provides the best wind for the event.

Javelin Event Note: All Javelin throwing will be contested at the all-weather Javelin runaway located across Harmony road from stadium.

Implement Inspection: Weight-in for all throwing events will take place at the white shed located to the left of the main stadium entrance. The weigh-ins will begin at 7:30am and end promptly at 9:30am.

Field Event Minimum Marks: All competitors will receive one measured Mark. Following the athletes first legal mark they will be required to reach a minimum mark line to receive a measurement.

Tentative Meet schedule: We will make corrections to the meet information and schedule as needed. These may include changes in field event time schedules, minimum mark lines for throwing events, and starting heights for jumps. All updated meet information will be provided at the coaches meeting.

Admission: Students $3.00 with student ID, Adults $5.00, children under 10 are free.

T-Shirts: A limited number of Rock Relay Invt. T-shirts will be for sale.

Team Tents: Please refer to the facility map for acceptable team tent locations.

No tents will be allowed on the home side bleachers from the press box towards the finish line.

Parking: Please refer to campus map for bus and car parking locations.

Coaches Meeting: 9:00am Clerking Tent




OFFICIALS MEETING: 8:45am Clerking Tent

COACHES MEETING: 9:00am Clerking Tent

FIELD EVENTS: All weigh-ins between 7:30am-9:30AM at white shed

10:00 AM Boys Discus & Shot Put: (Main Throwing Circles)

Boys Discus (Check in 9:30am)

Boys Shot Put (Check ins following the competition of mens DT)

10:00 AM Girl's Discus & Shot Put: (Far Throwing Circles)

Girls Discus (Check in 9:30am)

Girls Shot Put (Check ins following the competition of womens DT)

10:00 AM Long Jumps Rotation: (Score Board Runway)

Girlss Long Jump (Check in 9:30am)

Boys Long Jump (Check ins following competition of Women L)

10:00 AM Triple Jumps Rotation: (Down Wind Runway)

Boys Triple Jump (Check in 9:30am)

Girls Triple Jump (Check ins following competition of Men TJ)

10:00 AM Javelin Rotation: (Runway located across Harmony Road)

Boys Javelin (Check in 9:30am)

Girls Javelin (Check ins following the competition of Mens JT)

10:00 AM Pole Vault Rotation: (Two Runways, Score Board End of Stadium)

Girls Developmental Pole Vault (Check in 9:30am)

Pit opens for warm ups at 9:15

Girls Championship Pole Vault (Check in 9:30am)

Pit opens for warm ups at start of Developmental Womens PV.

Boys Developmental Pole Vault (Check in after Dev. Womens PV)

Pit opens for warm ups at start of Championship Womens PV.

Boys Championship Pole Vault (Check in after Dev. Womens PV)

Pit opens for warm ups at start of Dev. Mens PV.

10:30 PM High Jump Rotation: (Two pits may be used depending on size of field)

Boys High Jump (Check in 9:30am)

Girls High Jump (Check ins following the competition of Mens HJ)




RUNNING EVENTS: (Rolling schedule)

9:30 AM All Athletes must be declared before 9:00am.

Girls 3200m

Boys 3200m

Girls 4 x 800m Relay

Boys 4 x 800m Relay

Girls 100m Hurdle

Boys 110m Hurdle

Girls 100m

Boys 100m

Girls 1600m

Boys 1600m

All Athletes must be declared before the start of the girls 1600m.

Girls 4 x 100m Relay

Boys 4 x 100m Relay

Girls 400m

Boys 400m

Girls 300m Hurdles

Boys 300m Hurdles

Girls 800m

Boys 800m

All Athletes must be declared before the start of the girls 800m.

Girls 200m

Boys 200m

Girls *2K Steeplechase

Boys *2K Steeplechase

Girls 4 x 400m Relay

Boys 4 x 400m Relay