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17th Annual RED WHITE & BLUE CLASSIC sponsored by

Fleet Feet of Pittsburgh

timed by Miles of smiles

Meet Info:

Baldwin along with Fleet Feet of Pittsburgh, Miles of Smiles timing service partnered with Penn Trac will provide the services needed to time the race. Herb Cratty will interface with PennTrac for live results the day of the race. At the end of the day all race results will be on PennTrac. All awards will be provided by Fleet Feet of Pittsburgh. You will sign up as usual on the PennTrac web site. . All information will be provided there i.e.: A map of the course, List of awards in all categories, timed list of events and coaches meeting time.

Fee for the race is:

***A full team mens and womens (5 runners each) is 80 dollars per team. You may run up to 10 in the varsity races and are unlimited in the freshman races and JV races.

***All your registered athletes will also pay 2 dollars per athlete for bib numbers. In addition to the team fee. If you registure them on line and they do not run, you still owe the 2 dollar fee. An individual athlete will pay 25 dollars to enter.

Checks will be made out to Baldwin Cross Country Club and sent to Richard Wright @

5332 Elmwood Drive Pittsburgh, PA. 15227

# Of teams ____ @ 80 dollars= ____

# Of runners____ @ $2 /runner= ____

Total due for RW&B = ____

Please return this form with payment.

If you need assistance with more information contact Richard Wright home phone 412-885-4439  Cell# 412-607-1794 or

Bonita Schmidt home phone 412-884-1137.We will be happy to assist you.

All editing of participants will be handled by the race managers.

Teams that are delinquent in payments or have a balance owed will be rejected.

Thank you for expressing an interest in participating in this race. Your continued support helps to provide a quality race for all competitors.

On behalf of Baldwin high School cross country team, Rich and Bunny, we thank you for coming and wish all of the athletes good luck. See you then and Have a GREAT summer.

Course Map: Amended due to landscape decisions by the city (2018). Updated 8/27/18


2019 List of Events: