Blairsville Middle School XC Invitational

Blairsville, PA
Hosted by Blairsville
Timing/Results Jungle Rock

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

This is a low frills meet. It is intended to be an end-of-season event for small school athletes. All entrants must be part of a school sanctioned team.

The venue on our Cross Country course located at the Blairsville school complex. The actual school address is 100 School Ln, Blairsville, PA 15717.   .

There is no Entry Fee, but I would like each school to confirm that you plan to attend and the projected number of entries for each race. Early online registration helps us be prepared and be more organized on race day.

Tentative schedule:

3:30pm - open course for walk-through and warm-up

4:45pm - Start time for the Girls

5:15pm -  Start time for Boys

We currently plan to award medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of the 7th grade finishers and 8th grade finishers in both male and female races.

 Trainer is scheduled to be onsite.

Near the start line we will set up a canopy for anyone to use. Water coolers will be at the finish area. Restrooms and additional shelter in case of foul weather will be available in the school. Teams would be welcome to bring there own tent as well.  I will designate an area where they could be set-up 

The course is 3K and will be a single loop with only about 150 yards overlap.  The start is in the upper left corner by the baseball field. From the start the runners will continue down along the far left of the picture and cross over the finish area near the far end of the field. The runners will proceed around the loop till they cross the start line and down the left this time to the finish at the far end of the field before the turn.

As you can see the course offers open field running as well as some time in the woods. Currently the course is in really good shape, but has a few areas that could be muddy if we receive significant rain prior to the meet.. We have done a good bit of work to clear the course, but some rocks and roots still remain. (It is after all an XC course not a golf course) Hopefully each of the kids will find something to love and hate about the course.