10th Annual Tamaqua Blue Raider Invitational

Tamaqua, PA
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Meet Information

10th Annual Tamaqua


Friday, April 17h, 2020

(Rain Date Saturday, April 18, 2020

9:00 am start time)

Friday Start Times:

Field Events             3:00 pm

Running Events        3:30 pm

Facility Information: Tamaqua School

District 8 lane synthetic Track surface


Throwing/Jumping Events,

Long jump and Triple jump. These events will

consist of each competitor receiving four throws or jumps. The first two will be measured. Places will be determined by those four

throws/jumps. There will be no

finals. Starting height for the high

jump is 4'2" for females and 5'2" for males.


For sprinting

events (high hurdles, 100, 200), the top runner from each heat will advance to the finals, then the next fastest times depending on the number of trials. A box alley start will be used for the 800m, 1600m, 3200m, and the 3200 relay. A three-turn stagger will be used for the 1600 relay. 

If we feel there are a lot of competitors for the 800m, we may use more than one heat. One heat of 3200 only,

coaches may be asked to count laps.
Field events are limited to 2 entrants per team.


Field event competitors will sign in at the event. 

For running events, there will be a paddock area outside the gate near the start line to check in. 


Weigh-ins will begin at 2:15 at the concession stand near the finish line. (Times may change depending on circumstances.)


Make payment payable to:Tamaqua Area School

$275 for Boys and Girls or $175 for one Team. Individuals may be entered for a $20

fee. Please send to Attn: Mike Hromyak, Director of Athletics, Tamaqua Area School District, 500 Penn Street, Tamaqua, PA 18252.


Awards: Medals to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers and ribbons to the 4th, 5thand 6th place finishers in each event...unclaimed awards will be in a packet for the coaches at the end of the meet. First place team plaques will be awarded at the end of the meet.


Members of the coaching staffs may be asked to help with the flow of the meet.        

Spike Length: ", Starting blocks will be provided.     

Concessions will be available for sale during the event


Locker rooms are not available


Trainers will be available...please bring your own tape, wraps and pre-wrap


Coaches Meeting - there will be a 2:30 coaches meeting near the starting line


Contact Person - Athletic Director-Mike Hromyak, Director of Athletics @ Tamaqua, 570-668-1901x2040 (mhromyak@tamaqua.k12.pa.us)


Second Contact - Head Coach-Tom Kanger @Cell # 570-294-0713 email Tomkanger@gmail.com


Tents can be placed on the visitor's side bleachers only. Also, not behind the home bleachers because the Javelin throwing area.


The first six places will score in the meet. The system will be 10-8-6-4-2-1 for all events including relays

Order of Events: See attachment


Tamaqua Blue Raider 

Order of Events and Field Events




Times Approximate Best Flights Last

3:00-4:45 Boys Javelin                      5:00-7:00

Girls Javelin

3:00-4:45 Girls Shot                          5:00-7:00 Boys Shot Put


Boys Discus                      5:00-7:00 Girls Discus


Throwing Events:

Rotation #1:

Boys' Javelin, Girls' Shot Put,

Boys' Discus *distance will be determined by entries submitted

Minimum Throws: Boys Javelin: _____Girls Shot Put:_____ Boys



 Rotation #2:

Girls' Javelin Boys' Shot Put,

Girls' Discus

Minimum Throws: Girls Javelin:_____ Boys Shot Put:_____Girls



Jumping Events: (This will be an open pit

for Long and Triple Jumps.)

3:00-4:00 Boys Long Jump              6:30-7:55 Girls Triple Jump

4:10-5:05 Boys Triple Jump             3:00-??    Girls

High Jump followed by Boys

5:20-6:25 Girls Long Jump               3:00-??    

Girls Pole Vault followed by Boys


Minimum Jumps: Boys Long: ____

Boy's Triple: ____ Girls Long: ____ Girls Triple: ____

Starting height for the high

jump is 4'2" for females and 5'2" for males.

*All distances for measurements

and starting heights will be adjusted depending on entries



competitors must inform the official of their number before jumping. There will be approx. one hour allotted for

each jumping slot

* The times above are tentative. As we would

like to get these in before it gets dark.


If any

athlete must leave to do a running event, please sign out with the official

and return as soon as his/her event is done. 

Running Events schedule

Running       3:30




Hurdles - Trials


110-Meter-High Hurdles - Trials


100 Meter Dash - Trials


3200 Meter Relay - Finals


200 Meter Dash - Trials

Girls Only

3200 Meter Run Girls-


15 Minute Break



100-Meter-High Hurdles - Finals


110-Meter-High Hurdles - Finals


100 Meter Dash - Finals


1600 Meter Run - Finals


400 Meter Relay - Finals


400 Meter Dash - Finals


300 Intermediate Hurdles - Finals


800 Meter Run - Finals


200 Meter Dash - Finals

Boys Only

3200 Meter Run Boys-



1600 Meter Relay - Finals


400 Meter Tanker Relays - Final *Not Team Scored