Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

The TSTCA Cross Country Championship Meet is free to all TSTCA Team Members.

The cost for Non-TSTCA Members is $100.00 per team ($100.00 for Men's Team and $100.00 for Women's Team) Entry fee Payable at the meet. Make checks payable to "TSTCA"

Send all Payments to: TSTCA

PO Box 18114

Pittsburgh, PA 15236


Noon - Course Walk

1pm - Men's A, AA

1:45pm - Women's A, AA

2:30pm - All Classes JV Boys

2:35pm - All Classes JV Girls

3:30pm - A, AA Awards

3:30pm - Men's AAA

4:15pm - Women's AAA

5pm - AAA Awards

Any questions please call Ed Helbig (412-418-1259) or Rich Wright (412-607-1794)