Meet Information



We're back on for the Oakbourne Relays in a virtual format.  It's going to be free.  We're going to try to add some spice to the virtual meet options that are out there.  Here is what you can do:

1-Have a team trial of 1 mile on your track.  We're going to do it in small groups, but do whatever your District allows.

2-The window to run the mile is 9/8-9/11.  

3-Slight change to video submission.  Try to upload the video to youtube and then send us the link if you can.  Video your race(s) and send us the videos at  We'll post the videos on Youtube at Hendytrackxc.  We're going to try to livestream our races at Instagram Live.  If you decide to Livestream the races, let us know and we'll post it on the race site so other teams can watch.  Send us the Livestream address and time that you're running.

4-Send your results to Bryan at  Please use the attached spreadsheet from the top of this page.

5-We may have some cool prizes for the winning team and individuals.