THREE PTXC signs stolen overnight on Friday in Shippensburg - You just hurt PA T&F


Overnight on Friday May 25th, someone stole the three PennTrackXC signs from inside the track at Shippensburg University. That's worth about ten subscriptions to replace. Money that could have been used for coverage.

But hey, enjoy. Put them up in your room... show your friends... and enjoy showing them off. What you won't know is who it is who eventually tells us you did it. OR, you can give them to your coach, who will contact us, and all will be forgotten.

And return the Got Milk signs while you're at it.





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  • kirsten / 3 Years Ago
    This is Coach Osanitsch, Head Coach of Shippensburg University. If you stole the signs, return them to the stadium by the lower track office. Please return the signs, they are expensive and PennTrackXC does so much for the T&F community, show some respect.
  • treyj / 3 Years Ago
    Like Don Rich and Coach Osanitsch said, the signs are expensive and are a business expense for the website. If you have them, man up and give them to your coach. Don't feel bad when PTXC has to raise subscription rates to cover the replacement costs, but don't whine when it does. PTXC is a great service for the sport and it's things like this, while minor in your mind, are not helping things.