2nd Annual Jim Kelly Invitational

Horsham, PA
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Schedule of Events


			  		    9:30AM	Coach’s Meeting

Track Events							Field Events

10:00AM	Girl’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay		Final		10:00AM	Girl’s Discus		Final
10:15AM	Boy’s Shuttle Hurdle Relay		Final			Boy’s Javelin		Final
10:30AM	Girl’s Distance Medley Relay		Final			Girl’s Long Jump	Final
10:45AM	Boy’s Distance Medley Relay		Final			Boy’s Long Jump		Final
11:00AM	Girl’s 100m Dash			Prelim			Girl’s High Jump	Final
11:15AM	Boy’s 100m Dash				Prelim			Boy’s Pole Vault	Final
11:30AM	Girl’s 300 Meter Hurdles		Final
11:45AM	Boy’s 300 Meter Hurdles			Final		12:00PM	Girl’s Shot Put		Final
12:00PM	Girl’s 4x800 Meter Relay		Final			Boy’s Shot Put		Final
12:10PM	Boy’s 4x800 Meter Relay			Final			Girl’s Triple Jump	Final
12:25PM	Girl’s 100m Dash			Final			Boy’s Triple Jump	Final
12:30PM	Boy’s 100m Dash				Final			Girl’s Pole Vault	Final
12:35PM	Girl’s 1600m Run			Final			Boy’s High Jump		Final
12:50PM	Boy’s 1600m Run				Final
1:05PM	Girl’s 400m Run				Final		2:00PM	Girl’s Javelin		Final
1:15PM	Boy’s 400m Run				Final			Boy’s Discus		Final
1:25PM	Girl’s 4x100m Relay			Final
1:35PM	Boy’s 4x100m Relay			Final
1:45PM	Girl’s 110m Hurdles			Final
2:00PM	Boy’s 100m Hurdles			Final
2:15PM	Girl’s 800m Run				Final
2:25PM	Boy’s 800m Run				Final
2:35PM	Girl’s 200m Run				Final
2:50PM	Boy’s 200m Run				Final
3:05PM	Girl’s 3200m Run			Final
3:20PM	Boy’s 3200m Run				Final
3:35PM 	Girl’s 4x400m Relay			Final
3:45PM	Boy’s 4x400m Relay			Final