Meet Information

Registration help:
[b]ENTRY DEADLINE: Tuesday., MAY 9th AT 10:00 p.m

DATE: Friday, May 12, 2017

PLACE: Smathport Area High School

HOST: Smethport School District

TIME: 3:30 P.M.

MEET DIRECTOR: Rick Woodring, Athletic Director


1. Exposed pyramid spikes of no greater than 1/4 inch are permitted on the track, long jump, high jump, and pole vault runways. Any participant caught using any other length spike or type of spike will be disqualified from the meet (unsportsmanlike conduct).

2. Only water is permitted on the track or in the infield. No Gatorade, pop, coffee, food, gum, candy, etc. will be permitted on the track or in the infield. Please let your athletes and workers know of this.

3. No spectators are permitted inside the track (infield). .

4. Locker room space will be limited so come dressed if possible.

5. Spectators and coaches are prohibited from designated areas for the throwing events.

6. All throwing implements and pole vault poles are to be weighed and inspected prior to competing. This can be done at the track shed.

7. Restrooms are located in the high school building

8. No scorekeepers are permitted in the press box from any team due to limited space. Scorekeepers should sit in front of the press box to get results of various events. Event results will also be posted on the wall by the restrooms.

9. Practice throwing, jumping, and vaulting can only be done at the event site when the
event judge is present for supervision. No practicing will be permitted after the event has completed. Reminder: the bar will not be up and no bungee straps will be permitted when preparing for the high jump or pole vault.

10. We will have a concession stand available throughout the day. However, any other meal arrangements will be the responsibility of your own school.

11. All entry times and distances should be verifiable. Please have official scorebooks available.

12. Please do not ask for changes in your official entries on the day of the meet. Provide adequate alternates on your seeding form where you may be in doubt. The alternate must compete in the place of the person he/she replaces.

13. Schools are reminded that it is their responsibility to provide adequate and proper supervision of their track teams. Proper use of any and all of the host facilities and equipment should be carefully considered. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

14. Track personnel must be wearing track uniforms to be admitted for free to the meet. Admission fee is $3.00 (Adult) and $1.00 (Student).

15. All rules established by PIAA for track meets will be enforced.

16. Officials will be present and their decisions will be final in the event of conflicts.

17. Participating schools shall provide three knowledgeable event workers for their designated events.

18. The minimum starting height for the girls’ high jump – 3 feet 11 inch.

19. The minimum starting height for the boys’ high jump – 5 feet 1 inch.

20. The minimum starting height for the pole vault – 8 feet. (Boys), 6 feet. (Girls)

21. There will be a coaches meeting at 3:15 P.M. in the bullpen area with a field workers meeting to follow at approximately 3:25 P.M.

22. Event assignments are included in this packet. Please secure qualified people and have
them report to the bullpen on meet day at 3:25 P.M. Please return event assignment
forms at the bull pen during this meeting.