Cal U of PA Sport Management Studies 7th & 8th Grade Inv

Calfornia, PA

Meet Information

Contact Dr. Charles Crowley at or 724 938 4976 for more information. If your MS is not in our system - To add a new school, we need the following info:Name of School, Address, street, city, state, zip, County, Phone, Website (if applicable)Send to daniel.beck@flosports.tvWhen entering your athletes' times please note:*Never use semi-colons or commas instead of decimal points. For example, 15:30 is not a valid 100 meter time. *When entering times over one minute, only use the following format mm:ss.dd*Add 0.30 to your hand times for accurate seeding. For example, 29.3 should be entered as 29.60 *PLEASE DO NOT ADD ANY LETTERS AFTER AN ENTRY MARK!