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62 Swamp Road, Newtown, PA 18940

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Delaware Valley Girls Track Coaches Association Indoor F
PIAA 3A - Statewide CC
PIAA 3A - Statewide Indoor
PIAA 3A - Statewide Outdoor
3A PIAA District 1 Indoor
3A Region TFCAGP/DVGTCA Indoor
3A Region SOL- Continental Outdoor
3A Region SOL- Continental CC
3A PIAA District 1 CC
3A PIAA District 1 Outdoor
Suburban One-National Conference
Suburban One League


Dave Marrington (Boys) and Tom Kennedy (Girls) were named PA XC coaches of the year.
Noah Affolder will be heavily favored to win the state title in his first season in PA, but he'll also look to help his team win, but they'll be challenged. will preview the the top contending teams in each class looking to become state champions on November 1 at Hershey. The final preview will look at the...
Athlete: Ross Wilson/Year: Senior/School: Council Rock North High School/Location: Newtown, PAMile PR: 4:15.093200m PR: 8:56.29 (via Runner's World)


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mahoneyCRN wrote
at January 24, 2010 18:28 EST
2010 Lavino Relays - DMR
mahoneyCRN wrote
at January 24, 2010 18:26 EST
mahoneyCRN wrote
at February 21, 2009 13:34 EST

Stu Fram @ Indoor States

mahoneyCRN wrote
at February 18, 2009 18:34 EST
jfelt wrote
at February 07, 2009 17:19 EST
yoo everyone.
D_Wall wrote
at January 06, 2008 20:56 EST
this wall here is pretty bland. well, i don't have much to put on it, but apparently its more than what YOU have to say, haha. good luck in the remainder of the winter track season. i can say the boys are doing well, we have quite a few qualifiers for the meet of champs, and things are looking pretty good so far. i can't speak for the girls, per say, but from what i do know, they are doing quite well too. good job ladies. so, i look forward to see how the rest of the season plays out
mahoneyCRN wrote
at October 29, 2007 20:42 EDT
D_Wall wrote
at October 29, 2007 20:15 EDT
yeah, i've got plenty, so i'll send them to you when i can
mahoneyCRN wrote
at October 29, 2007 19:25 EDT
D_Wall, can you send me some pictures of people so I can put them on our roster?
pope81018 wrote
at October 29, 2007 19:05 EDT
yeah its pretty sad
mahoneyCRN wrote
at October 28, 2007 16:03 EDT
I agree with D_Wall we do need this to get better. I'm going to subscribe, than I'll talk to Marr. about becoming the team's administrator.
D_Wall wrote
at October 17, 2007 22:12 EDT
this page is in disrepair, how do all the other teams do it? anyway, to those of you who check this, good luck the next three weeks at leagues, districts, and states