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509 East Main Street Canton, Pa, Canton, PA 17724

Phone: 570-673-5034 Fax: 570-673-3680 Web Site

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Colors:Crimson and White
PIAA 2A - Statewide Indoor
PIAA 2A - Statewide Outdoor
1A PIAA District 4 CC
PIAA 1A - Statewide CC
2A PIAA District 4 Outdoor
2A PIAA District 4 Indoor
Northern Tier League


Garth Watson finishing 15th in AA at the 2006 PIAA State XC Champs - Photo by Don Rich Garth's Run Across PA is the senior project, track-building, fundraising...
Photo Gallery of Garth's June 10 - July 3 Run Across PA to raise funds for a new Canton High School track


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