Mady Clahane Q&A: First-Time Millrose Mile Qualifier


Mady Clahane is a sophomore and is a first-time Millrose Mile qualifier, finishing 3rd in the Millrose Mile Trials in January.


PennTrackXC - You had a breakout indoor performance at the Millrose Trials with a 4:57 mile.  How is your confidence going into Millrose and what do you hope to accomplish there?

MC - I'm a little nervous for Millrose because this is definitely the biggest thing that I've ever done in my high school running career! It's a little intimidating being a sophomore and running with such amazing runners, but I'm confident with my training and I'm hoping that this will be a big performance for me. The level of competition is really high, and I hope that this will bring out the best in my race. The main thing that I hope to accomplish is to gain experience from this and push myself to run at a higher level than I ever thought I could.

PennTrackXC - Your time is faster than anything you accomplished outdoors last year.  How did you manage to get the training in with the crazy winter we have had?

MC - I just made sure that, no matter what, I was putting in 6 days of running a week. Whether that meant running 7 miles on a treadmill or doing a workout in freezing weather, I never wanted to miss a day!

PennTrackXC - As a Sophomore are you surprised by surpassing your outdoor times early in the indoor season?

MC - I am beyond surprised at what I have accomplished! I would never have thought a couple of months ago that I would be running this fast indoor.

PennTrackXC - With a great season so far what goals do you have for the PA state championships?

MC - My goal is to surpass (placewise) what I did last year with my 6th place in the 3000, and hopefully place in the top 3 or 4 in the mile this year.

PennTrackXC - If you are competing at indoor nationals, what goals do you have for yourself there?

MC - I will not be competing at indoor nationals this year.

PennTrackXC - Describe your favorite winter workout and why you like it?

MC - My favorite winter workout would have to be repeat 1000's! I always feel very strong when I do them. My coach lets me run these with the boys team sometimes, and I like how they continue to push me during the whole workout.

PennTrackXC - Best thing about indoor track?

MC - Although the air can be really dry, I like how the weather is mostly consistent in an indoor track, as opposed to it changing all the time in outdoor!

PennTrackXC - Worst thing about indoor track?

MC - Having to run so many laps- 16 laps for a 3200 can be painful!

PennTrackXC - What is the most exciting thing you have experienced on the track this season?

MC - Hitting my 3000 PR and surpassing my outdoor mile PR in the middle of the indoor track season was definitely the most exciting thing that has happened!

PennTrackXC - What is the most exciting off-track experience you have had this season?

MC - Being able to go to New York for the Millrose Trials and step into the Armory was one of the most surreal and amazing experiences I've ever had. It was so cool to be able to be in a place where so many amazing athletes have competed!