Talkin XC 2014: Mady Clahane

A star since she stepped onto the scene in 2012, Clahane is not entering the 2nd half of her high school career. She has competed in many big races and has come so close to the top of the mountain. Two close calls at Foot Locker Northeast and a handful of close calls at state level, will 2014 be Clahane’s first trip to the winners circle? Clahane caught up with PennTrack to set her expectations for 2014.

XC PR: 5K: 17:28.00 at 2013 Carlisle Invitational


PennTrackXC - How is your summer training going?  What kind of runs are you doing and what kind of mileage are you hitting? 

My summer training is going great so far! In the beginning of the summer, I mostly just tried to get the miles in, but for the past month or so I've been putting in some speed and tempo work. Every other day I go for longer runs, usually about 6.5-7 miles. My average mileage right now would probably be about 40 miles a week.


PennTrackXC - For what 2014 meets are you most excited?

I'm really excited for PTXC because of all the top girls in the state that I get to run against, and I really like seeing where I am fitness wise at that point in the season. I'm also really excited for the Carlisle Invitational because that's where I got my 5k PR last year and it's a really fast course!


PennTrackXC - What are your goals for the 2014 cross country season?

I definitely want to try and beat my 5k PR this year. I'm also just hoping to keep moving up place wise at states and to hopefully do really well at regionals!


PennTrackXC - What is the most valuable lesson you learned last season and how can it be used to improve your 2014 season?

The most valuable lesson I learned was definitely to be patient with my season. During summer training, I used to be really antsy to just start running fast right away, but my coach told me to be patient and that my hard work would pay off. Towards the end of the season, I could definitely see what he meant, because my times kept dropping and I became a stronger runner overall.


PennTrackXC - What are your keys to success when it comes to your training program?

I think that the key is that my coach is very patient with my training. He doesn't start me off with crazy speed work right off the bat because he knows that every runner can burn out, and doing workouts like that too early can damage my performances at the end of the season.


PennTrackXC - What is your most memorable cross country performance thus far in your career?

My most memorable performance would have to be when I ran at the Carlisle Invitational last year. It was the best I had ever felt in a race, and it felt so cool to be running against a girl that had made it to nationals last year. When I finished, I was so shocked and amazed with my time, and I was so happy that I made my coaches proud and that all my hard work and training had paid off!


PennTrackXC - What is your greatest non-running experience in cross country so far and why?

My greatest non-running experience would have to be just getting to meet all the runners in the state. I made some amazing friends through meets and invites and I just love connecting with everyone!


PennTrackXC - When and how did you get started in cross country?

I started cross country in 8th grade. I didn't have a fall sport because I only played soccer in the spring, and my mom used to be a runner. So she suggested that I try cross country.


PennTrackXC - Who has influenced you the most in your life and what have they meant to you and your success thus far in your career?

I would have to say that my mom has influenced me the most. Without her, I never would have even started cross country in 8th grade, and I definitely wouldn't have been convinced to choose cross country instead of soccer as a high school fall sport. She is constantly telling me that I have a gift and that I have to use it, and I think that's what pushes me to try and give 110 percent in every race that I run. Without her, I wouldn't be half as successful as I am now!


What is your...

Favorite social media hangout? Instagram

Pre-race ritual/superstition? Spaghetti the night before and making sure I have my lucky sports bra and socks!

Favorite cheat food? Caramel frappes

Favorite pro athlete? Kara Goucher

Must-have running accessory? My Nike watch

Long run jam? All the Above by Maino

Favorite workout? 1000's