Girls DELCO Championships 2012

Meet Information

Indoor Delco Champs

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
6:30 - 10:30
Haverford College

***** No one may enter before 6:00
***** Use only Haverford College supplied tape on runways and track
***** Inform Bus drivers that buses engines must be turned off during meet

Order of events
6:30 DMR 1200-400-800-1600
60m hurdles trials
60m hurdles Finals
1 mile
60m dash trial
60m dash final
4 x 200 relay
4 x 800m relay
4 x 400m relay
6:30 Shot Put 3 throws - no finals
7:30 High Jump
7:15-8:15 Triple Jump (Open Pit) 3 jumps - no finals
8:30-9:30 Long Jump (Open Pit) 3 jumps - no finals

1) The meet will be governed by the national federation rule book except where the games committee has added, deleted or changed the rules for this meet.
2) Each school will be allowed 2 entries per individual event. B & C relays may be entered but may not receive medals.
3) 3 event limit per athlete.
4) Fees and 3 x 5 seeding cards for running events (Event-school- name- seed time) should be handed in to the desk prior to 6:15 PM.
5) There will no team score.
6) Medals are awarded to the top 5 places in each event.
7) Each school must supply one official and possibly a second to help manage the meet. Every coach stays until the facility is entirely cleaned up.
8) It is important that all athletes (and spectators) are informed that there is absolutely NO food, liquid, hot rub allowed inside the facility this year.
9) NO spikes allowed for this meet.
10) Results posted at