Rustin Invitational 2013

West Chester, PA

Meet Information

Registration help:

Sorry, we are no longer accepting teams to this year's invitational

I would like to invite your team to the 2013 Rustin Invitational on March 27th.

Event entry limits as follows
Novice 1600m Unlimited (register via notecard)
Individual Events 3 entries per event except for the Shot Put, Javelin, Discus, Long Jump and Triple Jump which will only have 2 entrants
Relays- 3 teams

Entries will be done via Please email informing me your intention to participate and I will forward you the password.

Josh Gellner

Entry fee is $100 ($115 for Delaware Schools). Boys and girls are considered separate teams. Checks should be made payable to Rustin Athletic Department and can be brought with you to the meet.

*We need workers and will pay any coach willing to work*

Rustin Invitational
Wednesday, March 27th 2:30 AM
West Chester Bayard Rustin High School

Event Schedule (tentative, we may run ahead):
2:30 100 hurdles (trials)
2:40 110 hurdles (trials)
2:50 100m (trials)
3:05 Novice 1600m
3:20 200m (trials)
3:40 4x800m
4:10 100 hurdles (final)
4:15 110 hurdles (final)
4:20 100m (final)
4:25 1600m
4:55 400m
5:15 4x100m
5:30 300 hurdles
5:50 800m
6:15 200m (final)
6:30 3200m
7:00 4x400m

2:30 LJ - open pit until 4:30,
Boys Discus followed by Girls Discus
Girl's Shot Put followed by Boy's Shot Put
Girl's Javelin followed by Boy's Javelin
Boys HJ followed by Girls HJ,
Girls PV followed by Boys PV
5:00 TJ-open pit until 7:00