Maroon and Gold Invitational 2017

Kutztown, PA

Meet Information

Maroon and Gold Inv.---Saturday December 10, 2016 N.F.H.S. Sanctioned Meet (Athletes only from teams pre-approved may enter. NO open entries)
Field Events:
9:00am Girls Pole Vault3 per school7-0 opening height. Boys to follow at 10-0
9:00am Boys Long Jump3 per school. No late entries. After completion of first measured jump,
no measures under 17 feet. Top 7 to finals.
9:00am Girls High Jumpstarting height 4-2. 3 per school
9:00am Boys Shot Put---3 per schoolTop 7 to finalafter first throw 30-0 minimum measure
12:30pm? Girls Long Jump (follows boys) 3 per school. After first measured jump, no measures under
13 feet.
12:30pm? Boys High Jump (follows girls)5-2 starting height3 per school
1:30pm? Girls Shot Put (follows boys)3 per school Top 7 to final. 22-0 minimum measure
Running Events: girls followed by boys, except as noted. This is not a hard and fast schedule. It is meant to
give the coaches and athletes approximate times in order to judge warm-up.
We will try to run ahead.
9:30am 3000 meters1 per school
10:30am DMR -one team per school (12-4-8-16)
11:30am 55 hurdles trials-top six times to final, 3 per school
12:30pm 55 dash trialstop six times to final, 3 per school.
1:10pm 1600 meters2 per school
2:25pm 55 hurdles finals (boys then girls)
2:35pm 55 dash finals (boys then girls)
2:50pm 800 meters3 per school
3:40pm 400 meters3 per school
4:30pm 200 meters---3 per school
5:30pm 4x400 meter relay2 teams per school
Awards: Medals to top three places
Timing: Fully Automatic Timing- unless noted
Directions: Go to athletics website: ( for directions to KU and our indoor facility