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No charge for Philadelphia Public League High School Members

All events will be held at the Benjamin L. Johnson Memorial Stadium. The trials of the 100, 200, 100HH, and 110HH will be held on Wednesday, May 9th, as well as the finals of the 3200. The finals of all other running events will be held on Track Thursday May 10th.

The following is the field event schedule for Wednesday, May 9th and Thursday, May 10th:

Wednesday Track Trials:

100/110HH -3:00
100m(t) - 3:30

3200m - 4:15
200m(t) - 4:45

Wednesday Field Events:

Girls Javelin - 2:00

Boys Discus - 2:00

Boys Long Jump - 2:00

Girls Long Jump - 2:00 (both pits used at same time)

Girls High Jump - 2:00 (Boys HJ after Girls)

Girls Shot Put - 3:30

Thursday Field Events:

Boys Javelin - 2:00

Girls Discus - 2:00

Boys Triple Jump - 2:00
Girls Triple Jump - 2:00 (both pits used at the same time)

Boys Shot Put - 3:30

Thursday Track Events:

First event will begin at 2:30

Wednesday, May 9th:

Girls Javelin

Boys Discus

Girls Shot Put - held after the girls javelin

Boys and Girls Long Jump (trials and finals) - to be run simultaneously

Boys and Girls High Jump - Girls then Boys

Thursday, May 10th:

Boys Javelin

Girls Discus

Boys Shot Put - held after the boys Javelin

Boys and Girls Triple Jump (trials and finals)

The order of events for the trials on Wednesday, May 10th will be:

100/110HH - trials

100m - trials

3200m - final on time

200m - trials

The order of events for Thursday, May 10th will be as follows:











***a 20 minute break will be held between the end of the 200 meters and the beginning of the 4x400m relay***